No Day But Today

No Day But TodayA little while ago I was invited to see a production of RENT at The Old Rep in Birmingham. I’ve always been a fan of the music, having performed a number of the songs as part of a choir when I was at college, but had never seen the musical itself.

Since then, it has become a minor obsession. We watched (and enjoyed) the musical live on the Tuesday, then rented the film on the Wednesday, watched it again on the Thursday and then I went out and bought the DVD on the Saturday, and we promptly watched it again. I’ve owned the soundtrack with the original Broadway cast for years, so we have listened to it in the car, and there hasn’t been a morning over the last few weeks where I haven’t woken up with part of at least one of the songs going around my head in a loop. Despite the fact that I can’t relate personally to many of the themes in the show, there’s just that something about it that both The Bloke and I have connected with. It has become our thing, even though it finished on Broadway years ago.

There’s one particular song that hit me: No Day But Today. It isn’t a complete song in itself, being mixed with lots of others throughout the show, but I’ve watched a number of videos where Idina Menzel (who I can’t help but think of as Adele Dazeem since the Oscars), an original cast member, performs it as part of her live concerts, and it’s beautiful.

There’s only us
There’s only this
Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.
No other road
No other way
No day but today

It pretty much stands for everything I have been trying to accomplish over the last year, and I love every part of the message. So much so, that after years of talking about it, I’m going to get the title tattooed onto my wrist at some point this week. I’ve seen a number of these types of tattoos on Pinterest, and all I need to do now is pluck up the courage to actually go and get it done!
Couple of slight issues: I’m a tattoo virgin and not a fan of needles or pain, but it’s small and hopefully shouldn’t take too long!
What about you guys? Have you got any tattoos?
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  1. I’ve got a rather large (okay not as large as one would imagine… Neck to bittom of shoulder blades) for me back tattoo. A friend of mine was an artist and was killed tragically before she reached her twenties. A lot of us got something of hers tattooed on ourselves somewhere. It hurt, mostly because I had knots in my muscles. It was a good experience and I’d get it again. I even thought of getting another around my wrist. I was told though by someone who has a wrist tattoo to get it higher up than you think on the wrist because of wear and tear (of the ink).

    Good luck either way, I also love Rent!

  2. I’ve had a Cross on my right upper arm since 2006. Yep, it stung pretty good but was tolerable. My advice – be ABSOLUTELY sure you want it, and choose the location very carefully. ❤️🇬🇧

  3. I was in choir in high school and No Day But Today was our senior year “goodbye” song, so it always gives me the feels! Such a pretty song though. I’ve actually never seen Rent all the way through, either. But I HATE the 525600 minutes song! A friend of mine was obsessed with it and forced me to listen to it over and over. Now, I’ll go running out of the room if it comes on 😂

  4. Rent is one of my favorites – and this theme is a constant. When my friends and I went to see it a few years ago, we had 4 matching shirts. When we stood in a line, we spelled out “No Day But Today.” I was “Day.” 😉

  5. I’ve no tattoos and desire none. There’s nothing I feel as though I’d want on my body forever. When I was in choir in middle school, we sang “Seasons of Love”. I used to really like that song, but boy did I not understand it until I actually saw RENT. Silly me… in my innocent state, I really believed it was about making the rent. It was about FAR more than I could’ve imagined! We performed that song when I was around 12. I didn’t see RENT until I was at least 21.

  6. I’ve got a tattoo on each arm, a dragon on my right arm and my girls name on my left. Its uncomfortable, but it doesn’t hurt that much. Its a bit like being scratched by a drawing pin. Its over before you know it, and totally worth it if you’re really committed to the reason you’re doing it!

  7. I have four tattoos including one of my favourite album covers and one of my favourite quotes. I LOVE getting tattoos done, prepare to be hooked! It’s not that painful, I enjoy the feeling of getting them done and the whole environment of the tattoo studio – so much so that I’ll be getting my 5th booked in soon!

  8. Love that! I’m going to share those lyrics with a friend of mine who is trying not to worry so much. However, those are great lines for all of us to remember.

  9. I’ve got three tattoos. My advice would be to choose a meaty part of your anatomy to put it on. It’s less painful if there’s some soft muscle tissue. I can’t wait for the pictures! It will sting the most at first but if you can push past the first 5 minutes of painfulness it gets kind of numb. Since yours is small it won’t be too bad or take too long

  10. Lovely sentiment and perfect for a first tattoo if it speaks that strongly to you. I have a few tats myself and each holds a special meaning. One note tho… if you’re getting it done on your inner wrist, buck up. It’s gonna hurt. Tender skin there and not much of it. Outer wrist prob wouldn’t hurt too much. A good rule of thumb I’ve found is, the more the padding, the less the pain!

  11. “No Day But Today” I love that idea. I change my mind every 30 seconds so no tats for me, but good luck 🙂

  12. I have a small thistle tattoo on my lower back (myself and two cousins got done at same time). No one sees it but I know it is there and has become part of who I am. Someone willing to take a risk, be different. I often smile to myself when I hear people talk about tattoos and think “you never know”.

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