Saturday Morning Serenity: Becoming Your Own Best Friend

I loved this post from Cher last weekend! Something to think about!

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It’s Saturday morning once again, and as per my usual weekend routine, I have my massive mug of coffee within arm’s reach.  This past week was a mixture of calm, upheaval, stress, quiet, humor, bewilderment, and compassion.

I have posted numerous photos this past week of some gorgeous sunrises that I have been fortunate enough to capture in the morning’s early light!  Today, however, the sky is grey, Lake Michigan has been virtually zapped of all its color, leaving a myriad of grey tones in its wake.  Opposites indeed.  This lead my thoughts to this past week of ‘extremes’.   Likened to the differences between the inspiring, watercolor clouds I bore witness to this past week, compared with today’s grey hues from sky to water, I realize that my experiences last week were also, at times, hovering on the spectrum at each end.

When I was dealing with the downright unpleasant…

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Serenity: Becoming Your Own Best Friend

  1. That was a great post, which I’ve also reblogged.
    I should also confess that it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the sunrise. Sunsets are more my thing.
    We’re on school holidays here and having a very relaxing time enjoying the Spring weather.
    xx Rowena

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