The Wedding Planning Begins…

WeddingActually, if I’m being honest, that’s a complete fabrication. The Bloke and I got engaged in May (after an unbelievable proposal overlooking a 13th Century Scottish castle, and yes, I’m never going to get bored of saying that), and by June I had pretty much decided on what was going to happen on the big day. The Bloke laughed at my initial proclamation that I wasn’t going to do anything until the summer and he was right to do so – I started thinking of ideas the very next day.

Now, when I say ‘I,’ I of course mean ‘we,’ but with me having more free time than The Bloke does I’ve been able to immerse myself in Pinterest for ideas and fill out the necessary paperwork. He’s got used to coming home only to be greeted by my phone being shoved in his face with the question “Now, what do you think of this?” and to his credit he has given me his honest opinion and offered his own suggestions along the way.

I’ve never wanted a big, fancy wedding. I’ve been to a number of them, all which were fabulous and unique with loads of fantastic things to do, but as cliche as it sounds I’ve always liked the idea of a small ceremony and a lack of pomp and circumstance. We get married, we eat, then we get our dancing shoes on and have a great time with people that mean the most to us. I am determined that The Bloke and I get the chance to spend the day together, as one of the biggest regrets that my family and friends say they have about their own weddings is that they were so concerned about everyone else having a good time that they forgot to enjoy it themselves.

For now, everything is going well. The venue is booked for October 2017 and paid, the food ordered, the registrar is booked and a deposit paid, I’ve secured a fabulous photographer and hairdresser, my sister will be doing our make-up, I’ve pretty much completed the centrepieces and seating cards (posts on those will go up at a future date) for virtually nothing, I’ve got a design for invitations ready, my friend is making me a cupcake tower instead of having a massive cake (and she really does make the best cupcakes – I know, because I’ve tried them all), I know exactly what we’re doing for favors and where we are going to get our flowers from, the guest list and seating plan is done and I’m currently looking for a DJ. I haven’t got a massive bridal party, only having a family of four (with no extended relatives) – my mum will be walking me down the aisle and my two sisters will be my bridesmaids, but we’ve already decided that dresses will be bought off the rack next year (including my own – I refuse to spend thousands of pounds on a dress that I’m going to wear once), and they will be sold after the day is over. The Bloke’s family is considerably larger (and they’re all northern and hilarious), but the only member of his grooms party is his sister, who will be his Best wo-Man. There are no children invited (my friends have a collective group of about 35 children between them), and I can’t believe that I still have to wait a year!

The most fun aspect of it all, I’m discovering, is what I think of as the extras. The stuff that I didn’t know I wanted – dessert table, candles, photo booth, even the confetti I want to put on the tables. And I’m getting a kick out of working out how I can do it simply and for minimal cost and meeting some new and interesting people along the way!

What about you guys? Any hints and tips for fun and inexpensive things to do on the day?

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80 thoughts on “The Wedding Planning Begins…

  1. I’ve just been to a wedding last Friday. Small, but fun. The best idea was to ask the guests what song they love and have the DJ play all of them during the party. Well… All but mine, but let’s not get into that… -_-
    I hope you have a fab time planning the rest of your big day and really don’t forget to enjoy yourself then, too. Also, a belated congrats on getting engaged! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh the planning is soooo much fun!!! But mine was the typical Big Fat Indian wedding with 750 guests and festivities starting a week in advance!!! Intimate isn’t a choice in our functions!!!
    And it’ll be 15 years next month!!! πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’—

  3. Hi ya Suzie, it sounds like you’re having fun with all this. Sorry I’ve not been around to see your many great posts – I hope you’re well!

  4. Write each other promises. Things you would like to see and do for each other in the future. Put them in a beautiful box and open it each anniversary and see what you have accomplished together.

  5. It all sounds so lovely especially because it’s small, you wouldn’t feel that anyone is being left out or ignored. Sounds very intimate, like a good dinner party.

  6. Plan fur fun and be ready when the most unexpected things happen – let them be fun as well. The worst weddings aren’t necessarily the over-planned ones – they’re the ones where the bride or groom falls apart because some of the planning got undone.

  7. Congratulations! I wish you best of luck πŸ™‚
    I only wanted to leave you with this piece of advice (as a co-organizer of my cousins’ wedding last august), nothing is going to be perfect, but everything will turn out perfect. Aka, things gonna get hard as the time draws near, and there will be times you’ll worry if everyone is gonna have enough to eat/drink, if they like what they got served, the music…etc. I promise you, there is no reason to worry, as imperfect as it may look like to you, it is perfect and is happening exactly as it should. So relax, sit back and enjoy yourself. Make sure you remember your wedding, and not all the worries about it.
    Sorry for the long comment, and best of luck. Wish you the longest, happiest life together with your hubby-to-be πŸ™‚

  8. Congratulations!!! What an absolutely exciting time. I could talk alllll day about weddings. I actually did mine all from thrift stores and spent hardly anything on decor. I have a whole page dedicated to it : . If you have any questions about anything let me know. Not sure if any of it is even your style! Once again-congrats and best of luck to you during this amazing time of your life! xo

  9. My daughter got married recently, and the best advice I can give you is to plan in detail and follow up. We had fun making wooden signs, I sewed a lot of burlap and lace table toppers, and people liked the personal touches. Yes to a string quartet – we had one of those plus a DJ who managed to play something for everyone. When he played “Shout” everyone was on the dance floor. Happy planning and enjoy it all!

  10. Just from reading your post,I guess you love to keep things simple and super fun for the wedding;)Anyway,I hope u have a good time planning the wedding and wish u luck:)

  11. Haha love your honest blog… and the proposal! I’m new to blogging and am wedding planning! Would love fellow blogger s to let me know what you think of mine! Thanks so much @confettiheelsblog

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  13. Hi! I was also engaged in May 2016 and my wedding is also set for October 2017! Congratulations to you! It sounds like you have everything set! Majority at least. You’ll have fun with the little bits you mentioned at the end.

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