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Meet Kim!

Kim, from, is a new discovery of Suzie Speaks. I started writing a description for today’s Blog of the Day, but then I realised that she does a far better description of herself and her blog in her about page:

Kim is 33, from London in the UK. She’s a qualified teacher and mother to a beautiful toddler. As a reader she’s head over heels in love with romance, historical fiction, crime fiction, African- American, suspense and thriller genre books. After submitting three chapters of a romance /suspense novel she was writing to a USA based publisher in 2016, she scored her first publishing contact. Kim’s first novel was released September 2016, A Stranger in France. Her second novella will be released at Christmas 2016. As a writer Kim likes to create stories within the romantic -suspense and general thriller genres. Kim also writes beauty and book related articles published in Love Life, Live magazine.

When she’s not reading or writing novels of her own, her other passions include practising her French, fashion and spending time at her sewing machine dress making, watching make –up and beauty tutorials on YouTube, letter writing and being a mum.

This author site is updated Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and follows Kim’s journey from just an average human being, writing down her thoughts and feelings, to being a published author, updates on her first and future novels & magazine articles published, responses to daily writing word prompts, poems, short stories, interviews/guest blog appearances and her random thoughts and ramblings on life. As of the 7th August 2016 after receiving three blog awards Kim’s author website became an award free author blog as her love of just writing comes first!

I’m lucky in that a large percentage of my readership are writers and authors themselves, and after reading her blog posts this week I’m sure that you’ll enjoy them as much as I have! Hop on over, check it out and say hello – I’m certain that she would be delighted to hear from you!

You can also find Kim on Facebook: and on Twitter: @kimknightauthor

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  1. Did nip over to Amazon and found the book. Looks good, well written, good dialogue but not for me. Romance is not really my kind of thing – oh and reasonably priced too.

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