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AuthorMeet Phil!

A regular on Suzie Speaks and one of my oldest (not in age, rather in terms of the length of time I’ve known him) bloggy friends, The Phil Factor is one of my favourite blogs. With hundreds of hilarious and thought-provoking posts, Phil shares his ideas and musings on current events, his daily life, Top Tens of his favourite things and, of course, his campaign to become president and/or sexiest man alive. And judging from his most recent clown pic, the Sexiest Man Alive award must be just moments away!

He’s rather more modest on his About Page:

I’m The Grand Poobah of Leisure and the author of the humorous, murder-mystery novels White Picket Prisons and The Sneaker Tree as well as the humor book Fifty Shades of Phil.  Stunt double for Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future I & II. Although this is an author’s blog, don’t worry, I don’t blather on about my writing. I mostly make fun of stuff, which is my m.o. in life. I’m a father of three, husband to one, and life-long smart ass to many. I have a Master’s degree in Psychology and spent many years working in the field of mental health before realizing that stringing words together might be a little bit more fun. My first fiction novel, White Picket Prisons, is an ode to the life-long friends that I grew up with and still keep in touch with to this day.  You can reach me at

If you follow one blog today, this one is an absolute must. Phil is not just a great writer, but he’s become a valuable friend too… Totally worth the click – hop on over and say hi!

You can find Phil on Twitter @ThePhilFactor too!

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