Dirty Dancing With The Stars?

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The Phil Factor

usmagazine.com usmagazine.com To be honest, I’ve never watched an episode, but then again, when has having only half-assed knowledge of anything stopped me from making fun of it? I was first going to write one of my Pop Culture Commando posts where I hit on several trending pop culture topics, but…

usmagazine.com usmagazine.com But thenprotesters stormed the DWTS stage during a taping to protest the participation of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, who is more famous for drunkenly vandalizing a gas station bathroom and lying about it than he is for anything else. As much as I’d like to mock Ryan Lochte some more, I have to say, really protesters? Ryan Lochte? This is what your life has come to? You’re apparently OK with racism, terrorism, Trump and Hillary, Brexit, and human trafficking, but Ryan Lochte lying about kicking in a mini-mart bathroom door has put you over the edge?

bismarcktribune.com bismarcktribune.com Like…

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2 thoughts on “Dirty Dancing With The Stars?

  1. Pur-lease, of course it put them over the edge, they’ve all felt the discomfort of being in a vandalised gas station washroom in the past with no time to go anywhere else. They’re outraged.

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