Celebrating Me: What My 30s Have Taught Me The Most

I loved this post from Tasha. Hop on over and say hello it’s her birthday tomorrow!

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Normally I would be sharing with you my weekly book review but tomorrow is my 34th birthday so I’m going to take a moment to celebrate me and what my 30s have taught me the most.  My birthday rocks.  It’s my day, weekend, okay, I take the whole week and I’m not ashamed of that.  I would take the whole month but I have to share it with my husband. 😛  I deserve it, it’s the one time of year when I can celebrate me without people looking at me like I’m full of myself.  As I prepare to usher in my 34th year I find myself reflecting on all that my 30s have taught me.



I was seven months shy of 30 when Addie entered our lives and changed the fabric of who I was forever.  By the time my 30th birthday rolled around I was deep in…

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