Lego, Steak and Waiting for the Mailman

It’s The Bloke’s birthday today, and before midday I had a bit of a bad start to the morning. While he isn’t particularly bothered about his own birthday, I like to make a fuss because he looks after me all year and I was a bit frustrated because his presents hadn’t arrived in the mail yet. I also managed to forget my purse when I went to the shop and then I burnt his birthday bacon butty, so combined with the fact that I was looking out of the window every five seconds for the postman it wasn’t exactly the day that I had planned.

He had some sort of idea as to what he was getting from me and my family as I had to tell him not to buy certain things when he was in town. However, what he didn’t know was that his main present was something he didn’t even know existed, and I had been more than fortunate to find it on eBay for an extremely reasonable price. Get this: a new and sealed (and no longer in production) Back to the Future Delorean Lego set with a spelling mistake on one of the pieces. I had been excitedly hoping that it would arrive on his birthday, along with his other gifts, and it did. So, when I heard the knock on the door I almost hugged the postman, squeaking at the poor guy about how great it was that it had turned up earlier than expected.

My favourite thing about the day is always the look on The Bloke’s face when he has no clue of what he is going to get and it takes him completely off guard. I ran upstairs, where he was still in bed (and probably still savouring the taste of his charred bacon), told him I had a surprise present that he would receive in the condition that he wouldn’t ask about cost (actually, that all sounds a little rude when I read it back), and then I placed the Lego in front of him and waited for his reaction.

I should have taken a picture. It totally made my week.


The Bloke attempting to get his Snapchat on…

It’s been a nice, relaxing afternoon. The heating went on, the rest of his presents arrived, we watched a hugely inspiring Netflix documentary on CT Fletcher (weightlifting champion and all-round amazing family man), I cooked him a steak dinner and we’re just waiting for the finale of Cold Feet later tonight. I was worried about the steak – it’s not something I’m used to cooking or eating so I read lots of Pioneer Woman recipes on steak and steak-based dishes and did my best to follow it to the letter. Thankfully, it seemed to work and he ate it (commenting that it was exactly how he liked it – medium to well done ish) and hasn’t been sick (yet) so I must have done something right…


The atmosphere remains a little sad and the house still feels strange with just one slightly less upset cat, but I think that he’s had a nice (and well-deserved) birthday. And spoiling him has cheered me up too…

What about you guys? What have you been up to?

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19 thoughts on “Lego, Steak and Waiting for the Mailman

  1. Boys and their lego toys Suzie … they never get tired of them do they! I’m so glad you had a lovely day and belated ‘happy birthday’ to the man.. x

  2. that is a seriously cool gift! di we get to see it when he’s built it. I’m in the process of organising a big weekend for my man – he turns 60 on bonfire night… as i keep reminding everyone “I am much MUCH younger than him…”

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