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imageMeet Fattymccupcakes! It’s certainly a name that makes me smile, and let’s face it, anything with the word ‘cupcake’ involved is always going to be good.

Normally, I like to use the description that a blogger has written about themselves in their About page within my own introduction, and hers is succinct and to the point:

I’m just trying to find the balance between eating all the cupcakes and not getting any fatter. That is all.

Aren’t we all?!

Fattymccupcakes is a lifestyle, almost journal type of blog. With each post being told from a personal (and often hilarious) perspective with lots of photographs, it makes for a fun and interesting read that I personally can relate to (particularly when there is use of the words ‘food baby’) and it makes me smile. I like the colours she has used, I like the honesty and humour in her posts, and I’m sure that you guys will find it interesting too! Definitely a blog for people who are intrigued by the titles WTF Family Photos and Reasons Why I’m Fat #2,347 and Other News

Incidentally, she’s a teacher, so she immediately has my respect!

Hop on over and check it out!

You can also find her on Twitter @Fattymccupcakes

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