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Meet Heather!

Heather is the creator of Shank You Very Much. I like her About page (and the adorable picture of her dog!).

I am a person filled with sarcasm and it makes its appearance at the most inopportune times. I’ve been likened to a Seinfeld character, which is unsurprising since that show literally shaped my childhood. Every Thursday through the late eighties and early nineties, you knew where to find me.

I am the Mommybeast to an English Bulldog named Lola. She follows me around the house so closely that I can feel her paws hit the back of my legs as I walk, which usually ends with one of us tripping and hitting the ground… I spend the majority of my time making sure Lola lives to adulthood; her antics can find her in quite the predicament. The Hubster (aka the Daddybeast in regards to Lola) lives with us, he’s pretty good about saving our asses when Lola and I come up with a scheme.

I recently retired from running a home daycare. I wiped baby butts for 13 years and can only hope the Littles I cared for will repay the favor when I am in the nursing home. Now, without any supervision, Lola and I roam the house and write witty things on the internet walls.

Someone please check on us if we haven’t been heard from in a few days.

Heather’s blog is filled with posts about her daily life and thoughts and her adventures with her dog, Lola! She’s an obsessive Seinfeld fan and her amusing anecdotes make me smile!

You can find her blog here: 

Hop on over, say hello and check it out!!

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