A Girly Weekend

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a while.

Through the Annual Bloggers Bash, I’ve made several new friends that have developed to the point where we all communicate daily – a thread on Twitter turned into a continuous conversation that has seen us through the highs and lows of daily lives. We’ve regularly commented that we wished our houses were nearer to each other, but the other week we decided to do something about it and organise a meet-up. As a result, I found myself on a train to London this morning, preparing to navigate my way through the tube for the first time by myself and looking forward to the first girly weekend that I’ve had in a while.

As always, the train was rammed and I was lucky that I ended up sitting next to a nice girl who was on her way home after a trip to Birmingham. There were various conversations going on throughout the carriage – buying a fireguard to protect a grandchild, a child who felt travel sick and, of course, theories about future world catastrophes following the US election. There were lots of big words being thrown around, including ‘isolanistic’ (I’m not even sure if that’s a real word to begin with) and I was regretting not bringing my headphones as wasn’t something I wanted to listen to all the way to London.

It turns out, the National Rail Network had decided to take my mind out of my surroundings… by cancelling all trains to the station where I was supposed to be arriving at to meet the girls.


However, after a frantic search through available routes, a not-so-polite conversation with a rather unhelpful woman at the Help Desk (they really should change the name of that to ‘I’ll Help You If I’m In The Mood Desk), two trains (one which smelled like a mixture of damp and dog poop) and a tube, I made it to a nearby station where I was promptly met by Sacha and mini boy Sacha (ie. Terror Tot). Phew. We were promptly joined by the lovely Helen and Lucy.

What commenced was hours of fun, laughter, play fights with mini boy Sacha, awesome conversation, fabulous food, a 90’s dance playlist and a whole host of notes of things that I have learned from them about writing, just by listening to them talk. With Helen being a published author many times over and Sacha and Lucy currently writing a bazillion books between them, it was genuinely fascinating to learn about their thought processes. I contributed, of course, mainly by eating the Celebrations chocolates on offer and relaxing under a fluffy blanket on what has to be the comfiest couch in the history of comfy couches, where I still remain.

This blogging lark has been life changing in so many ways and these friendships are some of the things I’m most grateful for. The online world can be a difficult place to understand for those who spend little time within it, so it’s amazing to meet people who get what I do and why I do it. Not that my real life friends haven’t been incredibly supportive, but it’s enlightening to chat about the technicalities of posting, stats, process…

I look forward to tomorrow morning, when Lucy (who I will be sharing a room space with overnight) realises that I grind my teeth in my sleep… Lucky girl.

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68 thoughts on “A Girly Weekend

  1. So much fun to meet fellow bloggers in person! You all look fab! In California (both northern and southern) I have managed to meet 5 fellow bloggers in person and hopefully maybe meeting one tomorrow. Our worlds can be very small after all 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Journey To Ambeth and commented:
    I had such a fab time with these wonderful women – thank to all of them for book talk, life moments and a little bit of magic 🙂 Of such things great friendships are made! Can’t wait till the next one xx

  3. Having met each of you, I do worry that prolonged exposure to each other might be like when they first split the atom and wondered if the atmosphere would catch fire and life as we know it end…. but I’m still here so, as with atomic fission, the fears appear to be groundless… Glad it went well! Next time, if you need a token boy just holler (this to ensure I’m in first in line before that dratted Welshman makes his play)..

  4. Clearly I’m disappointed that I wasn’t invited… But you’re right:blogging has been a great way to meet new people, and it’s good that once in a while we can actually get together. Hope the rest of the weekend went well

  5. How did you get involved in blogger bashes? That sounds so fun. I’d love to find out more!! Also I grind my teeth… it’s apparently really annoying and I’ve genuinely cracked a tooth from it! Get a gum guard if you’ve got time. It’s a life saver when at friends houses!

    • I have a gum guard that was specially made at the dentists, but it makes me feel sick. I need to wear it more…

      The Blogger’s Bash is something that happens every year – tickets have just gone on sale for it!

  6. How fabulous that you have met so many new people with your blogging life. This is my ultimate goal I think is to grow my blog and make some new friends along the way hopefully xx

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