Suzie in the City

After a truly brilliant weekend with a lovely bunch of bloggy friends, I prepared myself for the trip back to Birmingham. As Sacha lives quite a distance from me (three trains and a tube connection), I thought that I had everything organised, and as I had made it relatively unscathed (despite the unexpected detour) I was at the station with what I thought a spare twenty minutes until the first train of my journey was ready to leave. The main part of it was from London Euston, and I thought my train left at 1.00pm, only to discover that it was actually at 3.40pm – the train the day before had been that that time instead.

That meant that, by the time I arrived at Euston, I had about three hours to kill before my train left. So, as it was a glorious day, and I’m never one to miss an opportunity to be a tourist, I purchased an all-day tube travel pass and went off on a little jolly around London, setting myself a challenge to see as much as I possibly could in the time limit.

I started by going down to The Thames, and three hours later I had been to Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Shaftsbury Avenue, China Town and Leicester Square (where there was a little German Market). In Covent Garden, I went into St. Pauls Church – also known as the Actors Church – as this was the place that was closed when my mum and I did our own little Carry On tour over the summer, and I saw the plaques for Hattie Jacques, Richard Beckinsale, Charlie Chaplin, Vivien Leigh, Boris Karloff, Ivor Novello and Noel Coward. On Shaftsbury Avenue, I got my geek on by venturing into Forbidden Planet. I saw the veterans congregated outside the pubs after the Remembrance ceremony at the Cenotaph had ended, all proudly wearing their uniforms.

I was shattered and uncomfortable after a while as I was carrying a large rucksack around with me, but I’d had a brilliant, spontaneous afternoon in one of my favourite places in the country. And I had plenty of things to share on my Instagram page too!

Suffice to say, I slept very well last night!

There’s lots of exciting things happening at the minute – stay tuned for updates!

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26 thoughts on “Suzie in the City

  1. Lovely photos and I love the challenge, Suzie! Seeing as much as you can see in the time frame… A great way to maximise some, otherwise wasted, time! Though, I think I’d spend all 3 of the hours in the Forbidden Planet; I could get lost in there forever.

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