I’m currently sitting on a ridiculously comfy couch in front of the TV at my friend’s beautiful new house. I’ve been given the Wi-Fi password, the Sky remote, money for a takeaway and some mojito lollipops (early birthday present).

This wasn’t a planned visit – my friend and her bloke have had a trip to London booked for a while to celebrate her birthday – but two days ago a couple of scumbags decided that they had nothing better to do than break in and steal thousands of pounds worth of electronics and even worse, sentimental possessions that hold more value than anything money can buy. And, for some reason, my friend’s face cream, just to rub a little salt into the wound.

Assholes. I’m gutted for them both – they have only just moved into the property and it was obvious that they had been deliberately targeted. A month before Christmas. I’m not one to wish pain and suffering on people usually, but may the burglars crotches be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels and their arms be too short to scratch. Let’s hope that karma comes back to get them.

Understandably, my friend was nervous about leaving the house alone for a few days, so here I am. On an awesome couch. With a fluffy blanket. Watching as much ridiculous TV as I possibly can (as I don’t have Sky at home).

Aside from my friend’s horrible news, it’s been a pretty awesome week. I’ve been making chocolate at my favourite chocolate store in Birmingham – The Chocolate Quarter – and testing their gorgeous Christmas flavoured choccies. The Bloke and I then got the chance to experience the truly amazing Magic Lantern Festival at the Botanical Gardens, and then I attended the opening of a new hair salon, RUSH, in the city centre. Of course, I’ll be writing and publishing posts about them in the next few days. I’m a lucky girl.

I also have some good news for the blog too – I will be officially launching my brand new Facebook group, which I have called BIG UP YOUR BLOG on January 1st 2017. It will (or at least, I’m hoping it will) be the ultimate place to share your posts, ask any technical questions and build your social media connections. If you’re interested in signing up before the official launch, just ask to join via the Big Up Your Blog Facebook group and I will add you. There, you can share a link in the Meet and Greet section and get to know some of the others who have joined already!

Big Up Your Blog Image for Suzie Speaks

Hope to see you there!

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48 thoughts on “Housesitting…

  1. And when you realize everything stolen is likely being sold for pennies on the pound to buy drugs or booze, it’s even worse. We’ve been on evacuation alert a few times. (Parts of Southern California go up in flames some seasons, and we’ve been in the path a few times) It’s the sentimental things you box up – the photos, the family heirlooms, the one ceramic vase from your grandma, the letter from Admiral Peary sent to your dad, your parents’ wedding rings – these are the things money cannot buy and nothing can replace. So very sorry for your friends. I like your proposed punishment. Put me on the jury. I’ll bring an extra camel just to make sure.

  2. Very sorry about your friend being burgled, that must be the worst feeling in the world- and the face cream, that is just another level of bloody evil! I second your karmic wishes upon the burglers! On the plus side a night of indulgent me time with a telly and blanket sounds fab! The new Facebook page sounds great, look forward to it! 🙂

  3. Hi Suzie, sorry to hear about your friend being burgled, that really is horrible. Hope she is ok. Thanks so much for accepting my request to join you Big Up Your Blog page. Think that is an awesome idea, and a wonderful way for bloggers to connect::)

  4. What a lovely way to spend the day! So sorry to hear of your friends’ break-in, that’s truly awful. I like the sound of your new Facebook page, I’ll be looking out for it.

  5. I feel so incredibly sad and angry for your friends; scumbags is far too polite a word. I hope they managed to enjoy a fab time in London. In other news, I absolutely must pay a visit to The Chocolate Quarter! Oh yes.

    • I couldn’t write about it on the blog at the time, but my friend’s bloke planned a proposal this morning at the top of The Shard, which I knew about… I think she is feeling a bit better haha!

  6. that’s so nice that you can house sit for friends! We just returned from 8 days of travel for Thanksgiving. I hate to leave my cat (he stays out doors on the porch, (he’s a roamer), and my daughters arrived shortly after. I do get nervous leaving our house even for a weekend, but the holidays are even worse! Enjoy, Suzie!

  7. Burglars are scum. When I was seven our house was burgled and he even smashed my piggy bank and took the pennies from it. Since this was a very long time ago, he was caught and punished, but not by being exposed to small, bitey things, sadly.

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