Birthday Shopping, an Engagement and Blogmas!

It was my birthday the other day. The Bloke and my friends were at work and I had already been spoilt with lots of lovely presents and cards (personalised notebook, Mojito lollipops, money, lovely meal, the new Caitlin Moran book, voucher, TICKETS TO SEE RENT IN LONDON), so I decided that rather than attempting to organise a get-together, I would have a day to myself. I was in Birmingham city centre by 8am, munching my way through a McDonalds breakfast, armed with a voucher and birthday money and braced myself for the chaos that descends daily in the city around this time of year.

I had a plan to race round and finish off my Christmas shopping by 10.00am. I did quite well, managing most of it by 10.30am without being run over by a baby buggy or one of those really annoying wheeled suitcases (seriously, don’t even get me started on those…) and then got myself back home armed with lots of bags and bubble tea. I plonked myself under a warm duvet in front of the TV, where me and the cat (who was tired after running around, singing the songs of his people and attacking my face at 3am) caught up on some programmes we missed last week and had a snooze.

When The Bloke got home from work we went to the pub for a quick drink with one of our friends (where I was spoilt with some lovely make-up brushes and a false eyelash set), and then he cooked me a dinner of pizza and my favourite garlic bread when we got home. He then presented me with this:

A Pug Birthday Cake!

A Pug Birthday Cake!


I was a little reticent to eat it as it looked so darn cute, but that sentiment didn’t last long and the poor little thing was missing most of his back and feet by the end of the evening, mainly due to the fact that it was scrummy.

All in all, a fabulous day!

Some really exciting news: in my post the other day I mentioned the fact that I was housesitting for a friend who had been burgled a few days before. Well, what I couldn’t say at the time was that her bloke had been planning to propose at the top of The Shard on the Sunday, which I had known about for quite a while and I was terrified that they had taken her ring too. Luckily, they didn’t find it, they went to London, he proposed and she said yes! I couldn’t help but laugh when she rang me later, exclaiming ‘you knew something!’ repeatedly.

I love it when a plan comes together.

And now it’s the start of December, I can officially mention Christmas, my now favourite time of the year. The Frankfurt Market is back, the tree is going up soon, most of my presents are done, my Christmas card list is written and I’ve got lots of exciting things to look forward to over the next few weeks – get-togethers with friends, my mum’s 60th birthday, preparing for Baby Squidge – my sister is now eight months pregnant – and, of course, cooking a Christmas meal for The Bloke and I and then falling asleep to A Muppets Christmas Carol.

It’s also going to be an exciting month for the blog – I’m participating in Blogmas, which means posting every day until Christmas Day and I’m continuing to build up my brand new Big Up Your Blog Facebook group ready for its official launch on the 1st January 2017.

Big Up Your Blog Image for Suzie Speaks

Interested in joining? You can find the link to the group on my Facebook page

What about you guys? Have you made a start on your Christmas prep yet?
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38 thoughts on “Birthday Shopping, an Engagement and Blogmas!

  1. So jealous you have Rent tickets!! It will be AMAZING! I’ve seen it on Broadway and so desperate to see this new run in the West End.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful week, Suzie – glad you had such a brilliant birthday, too πŸ™‚

    Oh, and don’t get me started on those wheeled suitcases either…

  3. Belated birthday wishes and lovely to read that you had a fabulous day. My favorite month is November and December comes a close second. Having just got off the NaBloPoMo wagon, I’m going to give Blogmas a miss but I would love to join the Facebook group. Nothing better than staying connected and read great stories from the other side of the world. Have a good weekend. ❀️

    • Thanks so much my lovely – and thanks for joining the Facebook group too! There will be an official launch in January, but I’m building it up ready for then so people have lots of new bloggers to meet!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day πŸ™‚ My girlfriend is obsessed with that cake every time we’re in ASDA, haha. I still haven’t bought it yet, I know she’d struggle to take the knife to it.

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