Family Birthday Celebrations

imageIt’s been a really lovely weekend.

I received a package from the lovely Hugh in the mail. He had put a picture of his Christmas ducks up on Facebook and I left a comment that asked where I could get some Christmas ducks of my own. A few days later, some arrived in the mail! Thanks Hugh!

After setting off at ridiculous o’clock yesterday morning, The Bloke and I travelled up north. It was my mum’s 60th birthday and I was also meeting up with some old friends from my college years, so we were staying at my sister and brother-in-laws house. It was a good opportunity to spend some time with my sister before Baby Squidge arrives next month.

Babies seemed to be a theme of the afternoon – my brother-in-law very kindly dropped us off at a nearby restaurant/pub, where we were promptly joined by five of my college friends, my friend’s husband, and their seven children between them. Yes. Seven. I was surrounded by little munchkins, all of various sizes and screaming capabilities, and I was quite surprised by just how cute they were. I’ve never possessed a natural maternal instinct, but I must admit I had a really nice time cuddling my friend’s bruiser of a baby while we all had a catch up. We’ve been friends for so long, and the conversation always flows so easily… It’s a lovely group of people to be around.

We purchased a slice of one of the biggest chocolate cakes I’d ever seen to take back with us for my sis and BIL, who picked us up like he was our own personal taxi service, bless him. The afternoon was then spent curling up on the couch under a blanket while watching Star Wars.

Last night we went to our favourite Chinese restaurant. We’ve been going to this restaurant for years – we went there for my 18th birthday as a family and we’ve been on numerous occasions since, but this was the first time that The Bloke and I, my mum, both sisters and their partners (and Baby Squidge) had gone there together, and it meant a lot to me. As it was my mum’s 60th (and yes, she reads the blog and will be unimpressed with me for mentioning her age) we had all grouped together and bought her a Vivienne Westwood handbag – something that she has been talking about owning for years. It wasn’t a surprise – she knew that’s what we were getting her – but combined with the Carry On trip to London earlier in the year I was pleased that we are all in the position where we could celebrate properly and spoil her.

My sister had also gone to the trouble of buying a few cakes – one for me and one for mum, both with candles with our ages on – and they were brought out with music playing so the whole restaurant watched as my mum tried to hide her embarrassment…

We got home quite late and we went to bed. To avoid the traffic, The Bloke and I set off early this morning and were lucky to have a smooth journey home.

It’s only a few weeks until Christmas, so I’ll be seeing them all again soon, but it was a thoroughly brilliant way to spend time with my growing family. I couldn’t have said that a few years ago, and I’m so pleased that things have changed…

As for today, I’ll be relaxing on the couch with the cat, who has just about forgiven me for leaving him overnight, and catching up on my #SundayBlogShare hashtag on Twitter! Hope I can see you there!

What about you guys? How has your weekend been?

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21 thoughts on “Family Birthday Celebrations

  1. I play scrabble with my SIL on Sunday’s. I bring the oatmeal-raisin bars and she makes popcorn We walk between games and talk. It’s like meditation with letters, dogs and walking. 🙂

  2. I love this! Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend with family 🙂 I had a family weekend too, our semi-annual shopping trip in London, and it was wonderful. I really treasure times like that because I had so many years away from them – anyway. Glad you had a fab weekend and celebrated in style, and nice one Hugh with the ducks! 🙂

  3. Chocolate cake, chinese food, and Star Wars. Sound awesome. (Seven kids… Gah! So nice to enjoy their company when you can hand them back at the end of the visit?) 😉 What a fantastic weekend. And what a lovely surprise from Hugh. Happy you both enjoyed your birthday cakes and time with family. ❤

  4. You’re very welcome, Suzie. I hope those ducks behave. I told them to be on their best behaviour.

    Sounds like a great family get together. A lot of birthdays all around the same time? Did anyone mention chocolate cake? 😋

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