A Post-Christmas Catch-Up, a Facebook Launch and a Pinterest Promo Opportunity!

I always find this a strange time of year – between the two main celebrations. Christmas is over but the decorations are still up, the turkey has been eaten but the party plans are being made, the sales have hit but everyone is broke…

I’ve taken a few days to try and catch up a bit and yet seem to have made little progress. Christmas was nice – we sat around the table and ate the food that my VERY heavily pregnant sis and my brother-in-law cooked, accompanied by a crying Dougal (my other sister’s pug), who looked very fetching in his Christmas jumper. We had races with the wind-up penguins that were in our crackers, then sat and chilled out for the rest of the afternoon while the dog fell asleep on my mum’s lap.

The Bloke met me on Boxing Day and we drove back to Brum in really good time. The last few days have been spent mainly attempting to prepare for New Year and catch up on the blog and social media. I’ve also been looking after my friend’s bunny – Paddy – who still hates me. She bought me some Christmas presents: a beautiful Urban Decay palette… and a RENT mug. Yes, she bought me a RENT mug, with the pic of me and Anthony Rapp printed on the back.

I discovered that it is possible to cry over a mug.

I have plans. Lots of them.


My biggest plan is the launch of my Facebook group, which will happen on January 1st 2017.


This is a brand new group called ‘Big Up Your Blog’ which will offer opportunities to meet new bloggers, ask questions, grow your blog and social media following and increase your engagement. All bloggers are welcome to join!

The link to the new group can be found via my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/suzie81speaks – simply hop over there and send me a request!

Big Up Your Blog Image for Suzie Speaks


Looking for more promotion on Pinterest? I also have a very active and quickly growing Pinterest group board that all bloggers are welcome to join. The board is for blog posts only, with no advertising and/or direct links to sites like etsy or Amazon.

The group board is called ‘Share Your Blog’ and can be found on my Pinterest page http://www.pinterest.com/suzie81speaks. Simply follow the board and send me a message or comment on one of my pins to be added!

What about you guys? How was your Christmas?

20 thoughts on “A Post-Christmas Catch-Up, a Facebook Launch and a Pinterest Promo Opportunity!

  1. I heard the term Crimbo Limbo and think that summed it up perfectly. I was considering doing a New Years radio request show on 1st January so could help promote the Up Yer Blog facebook group πŸ˜‰

  2. I won’t mention Christmas, since I spent most of it ill in bed. I’m glad you enjoyed yours, though, and I’m looking forward to the FB group getting going. I’ve already met some lovely people there.

    • Aww I’m sorry April! There were so many people I know who spent Christmas in bed and feeling ill! That must have been a real downer! So glad you’re enjoying the group – it will kick off properly on Sunday!

  3. Had Christmas dinner with my son and his partner and my other son. Andrew’s partner is pregnant and due in May sometime. It was a great day and everyone enjoyed the meal and the fun yattering afterwards. New Year will be quiet and there is nothing planned and no phone calls to make. Tomorrow the family will be back here for dinner – which is good. Thank you for being here this year and perhaps I may hear from you again in 2017.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful holiday. πŸ™‚ I’m not on Facebook but will share and am interested in this Pinterest idea. I’ve joined recently and haven’t quite…no, I haven’t done anything, really. Will check that out. Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰

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