Big Up Your Blog – My Facebook Group Launch!

I’ve been looking forward to today…

I am officially launching my Facebook page – BIG UP YOUR BLOG – and anyone who who has a blog is welcome to join!

As with many things, I only realised the power of Facebook groups a few months ago. I’d been a member of one or two for about a year, only really participating in one, and then after some inspiration I joined a few more, and then a few more, and BOOM! My connections increased massively. I’m still only in less than ten, but I decided to start my own as I have found that there are a number of groups that prevent bloggers from sharing their own links and social media accounts with each other, which almost defeats the idea of being in a group to begin with.

However, instead of it being a constant free-for-all, which usually only attracts link droppers and no interaction, I have decided to set out a weekly schedule that will help to target blog interaction and social media growth. For now, I have kept it small and simple.

Every Day: Bloggers can ask questions about all things blogging and social media that they may be having issues with.

Wednesday: Wednesday Work. Bloggers can advertise their own services, events, courses, book releases etc.

Saturday: Saturday Social. Bloggers can share a link to their social media accounts and follow others. It’s a massive social media sharefest!

Sunday: Sunday Blog Share! To coincide with my Twitter hashtag #SundayBlogShare, bloggers can share a link to their post, read and follow others and then tweet them out using the hashtag.

Easy! Wednesday, advertise yourself. Saturday, build your social media, Sunday, share your blog and then ask questions throughout the week! Boom!


As with Sunday Blog Share, you don’t have to be an experienced blogger and you don’t have to have a specific theme. You can find the link to the group by clicking on my Facebook page or by clicking on the image below and requesting to join…

Enjoy! Hope to see you there!

Big Up Your Blog Image for Suzie Speaks

58 thoughts on “Big Up Your Blog – My Facebook Group Launch!

  1. I love this idea, Susie! I belong to a group who follows each other’s Facebook page as well. The number of followers, combined with blog and Twitter, (etc) is recognized by agents as part of our author’s platform.

  2. Cracking idea Suzie, it comes at a good time as I’m hoping to review my social media and get more efficient…or figure out things I haven’t figured out yet…which is closer the mark! Will definitely hook up and look forward to watching everyone grow as a consequence. Happy New Year too 🙃

  3. My favorite Facebook blog page/support group recently shut down and I’ve been on the lookout for a new one. I’m so excited for yours – thank you!

  4. Suzi you’ve been with me since the beginning! I am so proud of what you’ve done, how you’ve grown, how you’ve taken your life in hand and said “No. I want this.” and went out and did it! Very happy to be a part of your group – now if I can just follow the rules – I can be ditzy. 😊

  5. Looks a fine idea Suzie. Likewise I’ve been looking at increasing Facebook interaction on my page so more than happy to give this one a follow!

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