Self-Care, Honeymoon Plans and a Blog Update!


If I’m being honest, I struggled after Christmas for a little while – The Black Dog and anxiety reared their ugly heads without any warning and I spent a little bit of time consciously focusing on self-care and busying myself with little projects to keep my mind occupied. I’ve become a little obsessed with the Hygge movement, albeit a little later than everyone else it seems, and it really helps. Thankfully, it slowly dissipated and by the time New Year arrived I was feeling a little better.

My mood really picked up when everyone went back to work. I didn’t mention anything at the time so as not to appear insensitive, but on the morning when all my teacher friends returned to school for their training days, I woke up with an almost overwhelming sense of relief and happiness, based purely on the fact that I didn’t have to. As an extra reminder, my Facebook memories showed me a image that I had shared five years ago of a cat desperately clinging onto a doorway and screaming ‘But I don’t want to go back to school!’ and I remembered just how desperate I felt at the time when I posted it.

How things have changed.

Since then, life has returned to normal and I have a million things to be positive about.


The wedding planning continues – The Bloke and I booked our honeymoon. After much discussion, we decided to go to New York – he’s never been before and I’ve only been once when I was supervising on a school trip, so from a selfish perspective it will give me the opportunity to visit the things that I didn’t get the chance to see last time, or go to the museums without students complaining that they’re bored or asking me where the toilet is.

Rather than booking things ourselves online, we decided to go through an agent at a reputable company. It was a great decision – she was fantastic and able to find us flights that ensured maximum time in the city, complete with a central and reasonably priced hotel with breakfast included.

We also bought my wedding ring – I’ve gone for a plain and simple 2mm band that matches my engagement ring. Exactly how I wanted it – simple and elegant. It’s surreal to think that I’m getting married this year.

Baby Squidge is also doing well but hasn’t made an appearance yet – my youngest sister is pretty much full-term, uncomfortable and completely fed up with being heavily pregnant. Everything is in place, now we’re just playing the waiting game. I’m hoping for my sister’s sake that it is sooner than later…

In the blogging world, things have gone from strength to strength – my new Facebook group already has a hundred people within the first week and they’ve been really active with sharing their blog links and social media accounts, my #SundayBlogShare hashtag on Twitter was trending again at the weekend, all of my social media accounts have grown and Pinterest guru Elena Peters and I have teamed up to offer an amazing advertising package and Pinterest and Twitter course bundle, which has had a lovely response.

Want to join my Facebook group? Click on the link here and request to join!

Long may it continue!

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What about you guys? How was your first week of 2017?

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36 thoughts on “Self-Care, Honeymoon Plans and a Blog Update!

  1. Your FB group is great! It’s not overwhelming but active enough to make a difference. It single handily increased all of my social media accounts significantly over the weekend. Thank you for thinking to put it together!

  2. You’re going to enjoy visiting NYC and it’s even better when you have the time to do what you want. I saw your offering with Elena Peters and will be reaching out about it.

  3. Since I was off WordPress for a year, I missed the wedding announcement! When’s the big day, do you have your dress and how fun you’re coming to NYC! I love New York best of all the cities in America. So much to see! The museums, the fabric and yarn shops (for me, not you!) the bustling bunch of people who totally ignore you as much as possible! ❤️

      • I had everything pretty much planned within the first three months and we booked the registrar, the venue, photographer, hairdresser and then I’ve been doing the centrepieces and seating cards over the last few months… Still got so much to do haha!

  4. It’s wonderful to see you feeling so upbeat, Suzie. I remember the days when you were drowning in depression and self-doubt. Can’t wait to hear about Baby Squidge’s debut and the wedding. Happy New Year.

  5. I’M SO EXCITED YOU’RE HONEYMOONING IN NYC!!!! AHHH It’s going to be BRILLIANT! Let me know if you want me to bombard you with suggestions!! Actually…maybe I’ll write a blog about it….

    • I’m not sure whether you would believe me, but I actually said to The Bloke that I was going to message you for some advice as I’ve followed your blog for years – where to go that would be slightly less non-touristy, where to avoid etc… I’m all ears to any suggestions!

  6. Such an exciting time for you Suzie! My daughter also gets married this year (October) and I’m really looking forward to it. In regard to your thoughts on everyone going back to work, I officially started my retirement yesterday as it would normally have been the day I went back. But as I was made redundant late last year I don’t have to worry about all that now. I must say I’m managing to fill my days in quite nicely despite my initial concerns, Just sent a request fr the FB page too 🙂

  7. What a wonderful time of planning for the future! The best sort of plans to make. I hope you enjoy New York – it has lots of places to visit and a high energy.

  8. Glad your back to normal although I don’t envy you with the Wedding plans, I remember how stressful that became towards the end.

    I’m currently having some ‘slow down ‘ time as was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis over Christmas so although I’m working from home (my high flying HR job), it’s given me the time to look at my blog … Hugh’s book 😁

  9. Love that you’re getting into Hygge and that you are feeling better. I had a rough start to the new year, too. Will try to “accept”. 😉 And Hygge. ❤

    Have a wonderful time in the Big Apple!

  10. Happy New year Suzie, have been away from regular blogging for a while and so good to be back. The first week of 2017 was spent on a cruise, what a treat it was, followed by the second week in NYC. You will love it. Blessings Joy

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