Toilet Humour


I had a day off today, so decided to spend a bit of ‘me time’ during the afternoon in between my usual social media tasks. I had a lovely nap, watched some Netflix with the cat (who was obviously enthralled by the way he was snoring in my ear) and then arranged to meet my friend for our weekly catch up in the local pub.

She was on her way back from work so I went upstairs to get changed, during which I went to the toilet before I left the house. Our toilet has been faulty for a while – the mechanism inside doesn’t always work which means that we have to wait for the water to fill back up and then manually stop it ourselves. It’s not a major inconvenience, but needed fixing and has been on the ‘to do’ list for a while, along with another bajillion tasks that we don’t seem to get round to.

I was in a bit of a rush, so when the mechanism failed again I must have been a bit over zealous. I pushed on it, only for it to fall off and a MASSIVE stream of water started shooting out like a fountain, ALL over the bathroom, myself and the cat, who had wandered in to see what I was up to.

I did the only thing any normal person would do in such a situation: I laughed hysterically, particularly at the cat who was busy re-enacting a scene from Titanic and desperately trying to vacate the bathroom before he drowned in the sea of water that was beginning to appear. Luckily, I knew where the shut-off valve thing was (yes, I’m making that a technical term, even if it isn’t the correct one) and how to work it (try not to be too impressed), so I grabbed a screwdriver and managed to turn off the water, still in hysterics.

I was fully clothed and completely soaked, which seemed a little bit harsh considering my initial intentions were just to use the toilet.

There’s nothing more random than ringing your fiancΓ© while he’s finishing the end of his working day to tell him that I had broken the loo, flooded the bathroom and traumatised the cat. I bet he loved it. However, I managed to get cleaned up, dried off and cleared up the bathroom, and still had time to go to the pub.


To be fair, there wasn’t anything else I could do, and I expected to have to ring the landlord this evening for him to come round and fix it, but by the time I got home an hour later, The Bloke had gone and bought new parts and by the time I had made his dinner he had fixed it.

My hero. I was genuinely impressed.

One of the many reasons why I’m marrying him.

What about you guys? Have you done anything stupid today, or was it just me?

57 thoughts on “Toilet Humour

  1. Oh dear! I thought that sort of thing only happened in the movies… poor you (and your cat!) Comical, though, I must admit.. and good on your bloke for saving the day! My husband tends to shy away from anything toilet-related :-/

    Happy New Year btw… I’m a little late to the party (as always!) Typical me. I hope 2017 treats you well.

    Ps; Did I hear marriage is on the cards? (eeeeeeek!) <- That was an excited squeel!

  2. I’m glad you didn’t flood the house!! Toilets are easy to fix really. You had a good laugh so it’s not a complete loss!! ❀❀☺

  3. No I haven’t – well not this week anyway. I think I just might have uttered a few naughty words, then laughed. Not much else you can do, really. Keep well, stay safe and stay dry…:o)

  4. I regularly do stupid things. So much so that my family has “a look” reserved for me so I’ll be sure to know I’ve screwed up again. Even my grandchildren are part of the action, looking to their parents for insight into why I do certain things that make no sense.

    Suzie, your bathroom adventure is pretty over the top – in all ways. I can’t believe you laughed – I would have screamed, thrown the cat to safety, and tried to drown myself.

  5. The first ever time I met my brother in lawand his first ever visit to our house, he broke the handle on our toilet and I took the rap for him.
    He was a good spud and I didn’t want the ships and he getting off on the wrong foot lol

  6. Well, my dad always said, when you’re up to your armpits in alligators, that’s not the time to wonder how they got in the swamp. That just comes to mind in your situation – you just have to laugh and then plunder on! (plunger on??)

  7. It is those little moments that you just have to stop and laugh at life πŸ™‚ And, appreciate the precious men we are blessed to have share it with! Thanks for the light-hearted post, I needed this laugh today ❀

  8. Honestly having a man around the house is good, not only for toilets but for everything else that breaks! My heat pump decided to ice up (during an ice storm) the other night and my son kept me from hyperventilating all over the place …….. and the damn thing got fixed!

  9. I probably ‘do something stupid’ every single day. But nothing as funny as your Loo Experience. Unless you count the time I doused myself with gasoline trying to fill the tank myself. BTW, if you don’t marry that guy, maybe I will. (Oops. Can’t. Already married.)

  10. Hahahahaha! I love this. You poor thing! I’m actually finding the idea of your cat running for it’s life funnier than I should considering I’m an animal lovern

    • It was on the list of things to tell the landlord, but getting him to come round is always more complicated than it needs to be, so we just put it off… I think he didn’t realise that it would be fairly easy to fix too…

  11. I am so sorry but I was smiling through the entire narration of the scene.I just couldn’t control it.Finally,glad that it got repaired.You are amazing!Looking forward to be part of your blogging community!

  12. Ha, great post. Had the same problem a while back. In fact, 2 of our toilets broke at the same time. As a bloke though, I kept putting it off, as in your case it was manageable and not a major inconvenience. But then the week before my parents came over to visit, I realised I better fix them. I’m proud to say I fixed both, on my own, but I did balls it up and had several attempts. I think it took me 3 free mornings, which was probably why I put it off for so long.

    All fine now though…

    • It’s amazing how something so small could have caused so much temporary destruction! I’m just glad that he showed me how to turn be water off in advance – goodness knows what would have happened! And kudos to you too – I feel like there should be some sort of celebratory music in the background with this comment!

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