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Social Media Management

I can’t believe that it’s the start of February already! And what a month it has been!

No two days have been the same – I’ve been doing some supply teaching and freelance music on certain days, blogging on others. My niece – Baby Squidge – arrived and I’ve been up north a few times to bask in all of her squidgy glory. My new Facebook group has gone from strength to strength, becoming an amazing group of people that I’m immensely proud of…

But here’s something I didn’t expect: I’ve taken on the role of social media management for other bloggers! It started after a conversation I had with a blogger in a Facebook group in December, which led to me taking over her Pinterest and Twitter accounts, and it grew from there… I’ve now got a number of people that I’m doing this for, and I’m loving every minute of it – is it bad that I now get very excitable at the idea of organising Pinterest boards?

This is why I love the blogging community – the people and the conversations can lead to a completely different set of opportunities…

In all honesty, I wouldn’t say that I’ve been in the best of moods at times – the Black Dog comes and goes with no warning – but I’ve been able to go from day to day without putting extra pressure on myself. The problem is, when I feel low I lose all interest in writing posts, preferring to jot down ideas for when I feel better. Consequently, and much more positively, I now have lots of things to write about!

What about you guys? How was the start of 2017 for you?

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42 thoughts on “Suzie Speaks: Social Media Manager!

  1. Have been a rough month (same black dog) but once I pushed myself to live one day at a time and breathe, things are starting to look better. Most of the time it is all in our heads. Happy February!

  2. That’s great news, and a well deserved title! Embracing new opportunities can open us up to meeting wonderful new people and going to exciting places. Sometimes we allow the fear of change to stop us, but that means we can miss out on so much. Well done for embracing your new roles. You’re an inspiration xx

  3. Congrats on the your new role of social media manager! I couldn’t think of a better person for the job – you’re brilliant when it comes to all things ‘social media’ and I know that you’re a huge support to other bloggers too!

    I’m glad 2017 is already looking like a fab one! 😊

  4. I’m glad your year’s off to a good start.

    I think I’m finally starting to get to grips with social media and that has been my good start to the year. I’m trying out new things and dedicating more time to it.

  5. Your comment about it being February already reminded me of an email a friend sent to me last year:

    Our little newbie is due to make his (yes) arrival late May early June. January was a good and not so good month. Two funerals in January both in the one week – one we expected, one we didn’t. Both “mature” members of the church. Other than that we negotiated the weather patterns and the power failures well enough for the dog and me to get out wandering to the Foreshore, the beach and Ice-Cream at the cafe, under an umbrella. I fed him a small tub whilst I had a Cornetto. So, not a bad month, really – didn’t break anything, didn’t destroy anything, so all good!! :o)

    • Yes! That’s so true! Sorry about the funerals – I seem to have been to more in the last few years than ever and they never get easier… I bet you’re looking forward to the new baby boy!

  6. Thats amazing that you have started handling social media for bloggers! With a variety of topics, I am sure you have to switch thought processes ever so often. Added to that, logging in and out of several accounts!
    You have inspired me to get active on Pinterest now, you said it right, blogging leads you to more avenues.
    2017 has begun well for me too. I have started transcreating my father’s poems from Kannada to English. Kannada is a regional language of India. This is a new literary attempt and I am looking forward to more. I have even published a blog post in that category titled “Bury My Ashes In Dharwad”. Do read it when you can and feedback is awaited. Thank you for inspiring !

  7. Im really hoping that my page will inpire some people and that it can be intersting for different audiences so i hope to be able to contact you some time!
    P.S your page is very interesting and congratulations on the job hope it blossoms!

  8. Those moments when we seize opportunities rather than allow them to pass by can be exhilarating. It is during such times we learn and grow. Sounds like you are having fun with this seized opportunity.

    For my own part, January found me entering a short story into a contest. I enjoy writing nonfiction but wanted to stretch myself. Pushing myself outside of that which is comfortable, and trying something new, has shown me that we can attempt anything. We may not be any good; however, it is practice that brings positive results.

  9. Just found your blog. I’m (finally) getting serious about blogging and realize how time intensive integrating social media can be. I’m gonna have to learn how to use Twitter soon, and I’ve heard Pinterest is a thing.

    I’m probably gonna need some help right?

    If I get (more) overwhelmed, it’s great to know that there are people like you out there that can help.

    • Thanks Gabe! I started blogging in 2013 but only set up Twitter 18 months later and Pinterst last year, and now Pinterest is responsible for a large amount of my views… I wish I had started earlier!

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