Blog of the Day: A Girl and Her Passport

I’m always envious of travel bloggers, in particular when I see their beautiful posts of all the places they have visited and the experiences they have had.

Tiffany is one such blogger. The creator of ‘A Girl and Her Passport,‘ she is an American ex-pat living in Qatar, and she describes what she does in her About page:

Hi, I’m Tiffany… From here, I travel the world exploring countries’ culture, art, history, and food and to share it with my readers through stories and photography. My focus is on independent travel with an eye for finding the uniqueness of each place I visit.

I absolutely love her images:

What is also really useful in Tiffany’s blog are the articles that help with areas of travel that may not initially be considered – traveling solo, preparing your house for a trip, what to pack when relocating and reviews of the hotels that she has stayed in – I’ve referred to these on numerous occasions when The Bloke and I have gone away…

You can also find her on Pinterest where you will find some of the most interesting and detailed travel boards I have ever seen and she has recently greated a group board for travel bloggers to participate in…

You can also find her on her rapidly growing Twitter account @agirlpassport


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