Adopting my Inner Sheldon


There’s a scene from The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon is ill. We hear “Leonard! I’m sick!” and see Leonard frantically running out of the apartment, still trying to get dressed. We quickly discover that Sheldon is particularly dreadful to be around when he is ill, to the point that his friends have a code where they hide as much as possible to avoid having to look after him.

That’s me.

I really dislike the term ‘man-flu.’ When The Bloke is ill, he gets up and carries on as normal. When I’m ill, I turn into a snivelling, snotty mess and spend most of my time complaining.

Last week I was ill. Really ill. I had not done any supply teaching from October to January and was in perfect health. All of a sudden, I have a few days being around children in the classroom and I come down with the flu during the half-term week. It also happened to be the week where he had taken time off too, mainly so we could spend time together. Typical. Instead of going out together, I spent a large percentage of the week in my jammies and wrapped up in a blanket. Thankfully, The Bloke didn’t do a Leonard and run away, he looked after me, which I now feel a bit guilty about. I’m very lucky – it’s one of the many reasons why I’m marrying him…

It also meant that I couldn’t get half of the blogging and social media activities done that I wanted to do, and now I’m feeling back to normal I’ve discovered that I’m about a week behind. It’s amazing how quickly everything builds up over time, and I had to make an extra list over the weekend in an attempt to catch up, along with the bajillion posts I need to read.

So, at some point I’ll be popping over to say hello hopefully at some point this week! Hope you’re all doing well!

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58 thoughts on “Adopting my Inner Sheldon

  1. I too turn into Sheldon, well, I think that must be what happens as everyone who should be looking after me runs away. I hope you’re feeling on par again, looking forward to your post-flu posts!

    • Thanks Nicola! I haven’t been able to get round to writing anything of use yet as I’m catching up on everything else, but I’m looking forward to sitting down and writing at the weekend…

  2. Sheldon is funny no matter what he’s doing because he’s so ridiculously outrageous you gotta laugh, but he’s on TV. I’m sure you were adorable all wrapped up in your snugglies and sniffling like a steam train. However, glad you’re feeling better. Back to wedding planning.

  3. It’s so funny I’m reading this b/c my husband is sick and he is the poster child for man cold. You would have thought he was in his final hours but in reality he has a nasty cold. What drive me insane is his lack of sanitation during the cold like sneezing into his arm or washing his hands frequently. I follow behind him, sanitizing everything, hell bent on not getting sick. I hope you are 100%!

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  5. My two kids have it bad at the moment and I’m trying to avoid catching it as I have a job interview tomorrow. Glad you’re better Suzie. Take care.

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