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Meet Shelley!

The opening statement almost seems a little silly to me, as so many within my blogging community already know and love Shelley, but it isn’t as widely known that Shelley has a second blog – Motivate Me!

Motivate Me began as a set of resolutions, as Shelley explains in her extremely eloquent ‘About Page.’

It all started with a New Year Resolution…

One New Year’s Eve I set herself a challenge; sick of setting resolutions and breaking them before the mince pies ran out, I decided to set my children and myself a better example and so I wrote a list of twelve resolutions (one for each month of the year).

This list included the usual suspects – lose weight, get fit, iron less and laugh more but I also wanted to challenge myself a bit more.  I included things like, ‘do something new’, ‘give up alcohol’, ‘give up Facebook (that one was tough!) and many more.

Having never blogged before I thought it would be a fun idea and ‘something new’ to start blogging all the highs and lows as the year rolled by.  Running my own holistic health business at the time, I was able to promote the blog to my clients who found it all highly entertaining and motivational.

As I ticked the months off, an amazing thing happened.  People from all over the world began to comment on my feeds with messages of encouragement.  I was inspiring people to grow their own veg and make a faerie garden.  These wonderful new friends had been motivated by what I’d written from my kitchen table.

Making the decision to step out of my comfort zone and start a blog, whilst tackling my resolutions in the public eye, changed my life.

I had to jump and grow my wings on the way down.  I realised that blogging was a huge amount of fun and as a first class procrastinator when it comes to  writing, I found myself settling in to a regular weekly writing routine and suddenly my twelve challenges became fifty-two (one for every week).

When the year came to an end I re-wrote my resolution list and started all over again.

Setting resolutions or working towards your dreams doesn’t have to be done on New Year’s Eve.  You can set a goal on a Monday, start of a new month or on your birthday.  They’re your resolutions!


Shelley, who I have had the privilege of meeting in person on several occasions now, is one of the friendliest people within the blogging world. An award-winning blogger, author, motivational speaker and all-round legend, Shelley has sold thousands of her self-help and fiction books, and I hold her in the upmost regard for the way she has been able to overcome so many things with gusto and still have a permanent smile. Her Motivate Me! blog is full of useful articles on wellbeing, happiness, small business networking, holistic health, lifestyle goals and motivation, and her Facebook page always provides me with something to make me smile, or motivate me to improve myself.

Hop on over and say hello!

You can find Shelley on Twitter @ShelleyWilson72, and you absolutely have to check out her Facebook page


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  1. Shelley is one of the first bloggers I connected with through #SundayBlogShare and she is wicked awesome! So cool to see the spotlight on her!

  2. Aaahhh!! It’s me!! 😊 I’m so happy to be featured on your fantabulous blog, Suzie. Thank you so much for such a wonderful introduction. Hello everyone *waving* 😍

  3. I totally relate. After months of Procrastination I finally started my own inspirational blog on 1st of this month. I had to set a date, tell people about so if I don’t launch, I’ve let people down.

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