Blog of the Day: Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Meet Terri!

Terri is the creator of Second Wind Leisure Perspectives, a lifestyle blog that focuses predominantly on leisure, while including examples of her writing for various challenges and photography. She explains more in her About Page:

I am a leisure educator, self-published author, blogger, and retired recreation and parks practitioner living in Northern California. Second Wind Leisure Perspectives is my blog about living a leisure lifestyle.

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives is a wealth of information and interesting posts on all sorts of topics, including her retirement journey, epic examples of blogging advice, and focusing on fitness, to name a few. Terri has also published her own photography book on Amazon, and has very generously created an area on her blog of stock photographs that are available for bloggers to use on anything except photography challenges!

Here are some examples:

However, on a personal level I think that new visitors to the blog will instantly be taken in not just by the quality of the posts, but by Terri herself. I’ve known her for a long time now within the blogosphere, and she has always been extremely generous in her comments and sharing of other people’s work, and will always take the time to reply to your messages. She’s a valuable member of the community!

Hop on over and say hello!

You can find Terri on Twitter @windigenredhead and on Pinterest here


12 thoughts on “Blog of the Day: Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

  1. I fully agree with this review. Second Wind Leisure Perspectives is a quality blog with tons to offer. On top of this, Terri Webster Schrandt is an incredibly generous blogger who goes out of her way to support and encourage others. Thanks for sharing this, Suzi!

  2. I’m relatively new to all of this and just want to say that I enjoy these blog of the day posts, for real. They are very helpful in getting me to see what’s out there, be inspired, have some laughs and learn from some very skilled and experienced people. They’ve given me access to some really interesting and engaging blogs much faster than I would have found on my own. (It almost sounds like I’m a paid advertisement…but it’s true.) Thank you.

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