Ghosts of Students Past

Yesterday I received a Facebook message from a friend that I haven’t spoken to in a while. We met through a project – the school that I worked at did an annual concert with an orchestra and he was the composer for the music that we performed.

He now works for my former University that is currently moving to a new building. When he was cleaning out some of the cupboards, he found this:

That’s me, taken during my first year at university in 2001. My face was among all of the others in my year group – they must have kept photographic lists (remember, this is way before the massive development of computers and the internet as we now know it) of everyone and stored them away afterwards.

It was a four year degree (you had to stay an extra year if you wanted the ‘Honours’ to be part of the title) and I graduated in 2005. This means that my face has been in a cupboard for at least twelve years, to be discovered by a friend that I met just a few years ago.

I found the experience hilarious, particularly as he indulged me by sending me pics of some of my friends images that I am still in touch with so I could forward them on Facebook. We all look so young and fresh faced (although one of them had an ink stain on her pic so she looked like she had a beard) and it was a nice reminder of myself at that age, as there are very few pictures of me taken around that time.

But, it did get me thinking about the footprint we leave behind. If it hadn’t been my friend that had discovered the photographs then I wouldn’t have been aware that my picture was even there, nor the fact that someone had been looking at it. Ghosts of students past, and a reminder that it is indeed, a very small world.

What about you guys? Have you had any ‘ooh, it’s a small world’ experiences?

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34 thoughts on “Ghosts of Students Past

  1. One of my uni friends invited me to her house for a weekend… lovely family. We got chatting and I mentioned my cousin lived in the area. They knew them… not only knew them, but had lived with my cousins brother in Brum when they first arrived in the UK from India in the early 70’s… and they had even met my parents in that time! Small world indeed!

      • Like when we went as a family to Spain. Before all ‘holidays’ were to Kenya because that’s where our family was. Spain would be a new experience. We were in a self catering apartment so Pops went off on the first morning to find a shop. Came back shaking his head. He was quite noticeable as a Sikh with a turban in 80’s Spain. Somewhere on his walk he’d heard a voice calling him. Another Indian man who it turned out was from Kenya originally and had settled in Malaga… he invited us for dinner. My Pops beat a hasty retreat. This was meant to be a break from familiarity yet he still found someone he knew!!!

      • πŸ˜… obviously my parents were more civilised and modern… I am one of two children! πŸ˜‰ but the rest… well I have 29 first cousins… and my dad was born an uncle!!! His older sis had two children before her youngest brother popped out lol!!!

      • I wish I could have my family in a nutshell…
        When I had to write my family tree we needed 2 sheets of paper lol!!! As it was written in learned of new first cousins that I go hadn’t even met!!!

  2. It happens all the time but I think my favorite one was a friend moved out of state. Two months later another friend said we just rented a new house, come see.
    She gave me the addy. Same house.
    They had met once when I set them up on a blind date years earlier and hated each other immensely. It was super fun telling her who’s house it had been last. LOL

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