Blog of the Day: Ashley Rader and Blog Genesis

Do you need help with growing your blog? Social media, affiliate or content marketing? What about web development?

Meet Ashley Rader, the creator of Blog Genesis. She’s living my blogging dream –

Building blogs and websites, and growing them into successful businesses has afforded me a freedom and flexibility that I never dreamed would have been possible.   I work from home and I get to be around for my kids – able to attend school functions and sporting games and dance recitals and all of those special moments – moments that I know will be gone all too soon.

Creating her first website back in 2004, Ashley developed her SEO skills to grow her website to spot #3 on Google for an extremely competitive search phrase – and with that, came her first million dollar year. Fast forward a few years and she came to the painful realization that she had put all of her traffic and marketing “eggs” into the SEO basket.  When Google made some changes to their ranking algorithm, she lost almost all of her rankings – and with it, all of her traffic – and income.

She explains more in her About page:

Since then, I’ve diversified my business and become a student of all things digital marketing.  I now focus on businesses that have broad traffic base and broad marketing efforts – so my business is never entirely in the “hands” of another company, or dependent upon a sole source of traffic.

This type of business also affords a sense personal achievement in being able to contribute significantly to the financial security of my family.

Of all the lessons learned during this wild ride – the biggest is to not be afraid to put yourself out there, to follow your passions, to be authentic, and to give MORE than you “should”.

So, if you are the kind of person who likes to monetise your blog and live the dream that so many bloggers have, Ashley invites you to check out her 14 Day Blog Income Challenge, if you haven’t already.   You’ll learn how easy it is to start a blog, grow it, and actually make money from a blog.

What are you waiting for? Hop on over to Blog Genesis and check it out!