Eurovision 2017 – Go Lucie!

Normally I begin my Eurovision preparations several weeks before the contest. Aside from Christmas Day and the final day of the academic year before the summer starts, Eurovision is one of my annual highlights, but this year it has almost sneaked up on me. I was away during the first semi-final so was unable to watch it live, so The Bloke and I watched the two semi-finals on Thursday and Friday night. I must admit, I was a little disappointed – there isn’t one song from the other countries that really stands out for me and there are lots of similarities in staging and outfits (half of the women seem to be white wedding dress style clothing).

However, our performer this year – Lucie Jones – holds a special place in my heart. I’ve already had the privilege of seeing her live on stage in the role of Maureen in RENT, which The Bloke took me to see last year, and she was utterly incredible. That weekend (aside from getting engaged) was perfect – I cried my eyes out during the performance, met Anthony Rapp and had the most amazing time, so I partially want her to do well because of the fantastic memories I have, and because of her her incredible talent… The snacky treats are set, the song is good, the staging is good, the singer is amazing… It looks set to be a good evening!

You can find me, along with lots of other Eurovision enthusiasts from the Big Up Your Blog Facebook group using the hashtag #BigUpYourEurovision… See you there!

Good luck Lucie!!!