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I love travel blogs – they give me an insight into parts of the world that I have always wanted to visit from a first hand perspective, and if I am planning a trip I will spend lots of time reading travel posts from some of my favourite bloggers to gain ideas of things to see, do and eat that are not part of the usual tourist hotspots.

Tiffany is one of those bloggers. An American ex-pat currently living in Qatar, she is the creator of A Girl and Her Passport, a travel blog that documents her travels and experiences of countries from all over the world. What I like about Tiffany’s blog is the fact that she varies her posts to incorporate all areas of travel, from reviews of hotels that she has stayed in, individual activities in cities that she has visited (I particularly loved this one about a Thames boat trip in London), what to pack for specific activities, and, my favourite of all of them, humane and ethical encounters with wildlife in places that I would consider to be exotic – her Elephants in the Wild post in Sri Lanka made me incredibly envious. I love her photographs from her travels:

She explains a little about herself:

Hi, I’m Tiffany! I am an American expat living in Qatar. From here, I travel the world exploring countries’ culture, art, history, and food and to share it with my readers through stories and photography. My focus is on independent travel with an eye for finding the uniqueness of each place I visit.

But, there’s more. She has recently resigned from her job (her post about doing so went nuts) and is planning to spend her time travelling the world for the foreseeable future. In fact, she will be coming to London next month and I am off to go and visit her and meet her in person!

Want to know more? You can find Tiffany over at A Girl and Her Passport – definitely a blog worth checking out!

You can also find Tiffany on Twitter @agirlpassport, and if you are on Pinterest her rapidly growing Pinterest page is an absolute must for all things travel!

41 thoughts on “Blog of the Day: A Girl and Her Passport

  1. Thanks for putting me onto her blog, Suzie. I’m off to check it out.
    Given our family situation, I’ve taken to writing about local travels and photographing as I go. While it’s local to me, it’s the other side of the world for most. That’s a point for travel writers who can’t travel far to keep in mind.
    xx Rowena

  2. Tiffany has the most amazing adventures! I love her blog (and thanks for the reminder about the elephant post – I just clicked over so I could reread it), and her photos on IG are gorgeous!

  3. Hey suzie at the moment I am ten and I travel the world with my mum she home schools e and I write about it on my blog I really enjoy it I hope you enjoy it too. At the moment I am in koh samui (Thailand) and I am having a blast!

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