Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

The U.K. is currently experiencing a heatwave and I am loving every second of it. I seem to be in the minority – my Facebook and Twitter timelines are filled with complaints about it being too hot to handle – but I have embraced what will almost certainly be our only summer weather this year. Let’s face it, as a nation we spend so many months complaining about the cold, rain and dark, spending a fortune on foreign holidays just so we can experience this sort of weather, so I have little understanding of why everyone is so unhappy about it. I’ve taken full advantage of the temperature change – I’ve done loads of laundry and put it outside (having to time it in order to avoid the barbecues from the neighbours), opened loads of windows around the house, sat in a beer garden drinking a cider with my friend at the local pub, made some summery food and eaten ice-cream. Perfect. The only regret I have is that we are far away from a beach, otherwise you would have found me with my feet in the sand.

However, there are a few things that I have to be careful about when being outside. My skin is so pale that on certain days I resemble a bottle of milk and I burn easily (indeed, I managed to get slightly red and sore on my arms and neck just from hanging my washing out the other day). I’ve learnt the hard way over the years of just how sensitive my skin is – recklessly frying myself on numerous occasions (the worst being on holiday in Malia where the skin on one side of my face was so burned that it shrivelled up, and then again in Barcelona where my feet swelled up to the point that they could barely fit into my shoes), so I’ve been more conscious of applying sun cream, particularly as I had a skin biopsy a little while ago that was scary. I also suffer quite severely with hayfever, so my morning routine has had to incorporate antihistamines and eye drops. Tip: put a small amount of Vaseline on the inside of your nostrils when you go to bed at night – it really takes the edge off the following morning.

I’m also in the lucky position where I can enjoy it – I haven’t got much in the way of supply or invigilating over the next week, so this gives me a much needed opportunity to focus on posts, and I have every intention of taking my milk bottle self out into the back garden so I can write away!

What about you guys? Are you enjoying the heatwave?

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77 thoughts on “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

  1. My theory is that the British have a 5-degree comfort zone. (That’s Fahrenheit, making it roughly half the size of a 5-degree Celsius zone.) Any colder and they complain about the cold. Any warmer and they complain about the heat. Right in the zone? That’s when they complain about how short the spell of beautiful weather will be.

    Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I love it here. I’m just observing.

  2. We have been having hot temps for a few weeks now. The humidity kills me, and having had grandparents who were from Scotland and Ireland, I too, have the same milk white skin and I burn easily. Our pool is done and looks beautiful, still need to clean the ladder for it and I will be starting to enjoy the weather, and getting much needed exercise. Enjoy it, wish we only had hot for a short time, but, this is just the beginning to a very long hot spell…

  3. I am not too good in the heat although i do love to see the sun shining.
    I managed to get sunburned after only a short time outside so am now that fetching tomato shade on my shoulders and forehead! πŸ™‚

  4. better to be outdoors with Dog than the days in sweaty meeting rooms but I’m much better in the cold when i put layers on than the heat when trying to take my skin off never really works too well…

  5. I’m loving it myself, Suzie, particularly as I managed to get out for a walk by myself beside a river where I haven’t been before. It was so beautiful, I didn’t even mind coming home to housework and other boring stuff! Enjoy the weather while it lasts! 😊

  6. My hair is so big it has its own postcode. I’m sweating from orifices I didn’t know I had. My freckles have joined up into one mass freckle on my otherwise pasty body. But I still love this weather! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸŒž

  7. I stay in India, and we just got done with Summer. Monsoon is setting in, but this year the temperature was bad. It reached about 40Β° C at certain days. How hot is it in London? πŸ™‚

  8. I must say I’m not enjoying it – too hot and humid for me (and yes I know I lived in Australia for 17 years πŸ˜€). About five degrees cooler and it would be perfect. Plus my milk bottle skin doesn’t care for this heat either! That’s a bit of a winge, isn’t it? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  9. You’re such a “glass-half-full” person Suzie. Apparently glass half full of cider, but still;)

    I’ve been soaking up the cooler temps here in Eastern Europe, enjoying the longest reprieve from stifling summer heat in years.

    Enjoy the hot, hot, hot!

  10. Don’t get me wrong. I love a bit of sun but I’m in the same boat where being pale is a disadvantage. I go outside for two minutes and come back with red arms and legs! I cannot handle this kind of heat, my body just isn’t made for it.

  11. Why is it that, as soon as we have a fine spell of weather in early summer, the British always say

    “Well, that’s our summer gone!”

    But is it’? How do you know we’re not heading for another 1976? (I know Suzie, that you’re far too young to remember that summer but I’m sure you’ve heard the legends! All true, I hasten to add!)

    I suppose it’s because of our naturally pessimistic disposition that we predict this! But, a few absolutely shockingly wet summers aside (I’m thinking 2008 in recent years!) we probably do better than we think!

    I’m one for September holidays and rarely go abroad. You’d be surprised how “lucky” I am with the weather! Last years fortnight in Weymouth was typical, a few cool days but some absolute scorchers as well!

    • I was born in 81 so not far off haha! I remember the scorcher of 95 though – that was about 7 weeks of glorious weather! I worked in a school for many years so was never allowed to go on holiday in September, so when i quit The Bloke and i went to Barcelona in the September and it was bliss!

  12. I get what you mean and I hate to not love it but working in a bakery over hot ovens! Bajaysus I’m in heat all day long! If I had the garden all week I’m be doing hand stands!!! Soak it up pretty lady!! You rock those milk bottles!!! 😘

  13. At the moment it is winter here with temperatures down to -3c in the morning and climbing to about 18c during the day before it gets dark and cold again. The days are nice outside and I sometimes sit with my dog on the garden swing and just listen to Sinatra on the disc player. Later on in the year – during high summer – when the temperature climbs to 44c I may well complain about the heat, but at the moment I am quite comfortable – thank you…

  14. So, 30 deg. c.? Those are Los Angeles temps there, Suzie. (It’s 31 right now as I write this.)

    However, we have air conditioning. Funny thing is, people in San Francisco don’t usually have AC because the weather there is nearly always cool. When a heat wave hits them, they suffer, because they don’t have AC in their cars, in their houses… Most of them retreat to malls or movies for the free AC.

    Hope you find that pool or beach.

  15. I love it! I’m used to it being cold for most of the time. There is a quick burst of spring and then it blazes into summer in Michigan. I like to enjoy it while it lasts.

  16. best weather in the world as its moderated by the gulf stream from the southwest the continental effect from the west and even polar weather from the north, sometimes even heat from the Med. What the British really constantly complain about is its inconsistency and constant change. The weather is a constant subject for discussion because we don’t know what is next and it constantly catches us out. My skins same as Suzie’s, but I cover up having learnt the lesson of UV.

  17. I’m currently hiding indoors with fans blasting away. I don’t do very well with the heat but I really do love it when the sun decides to come out in the UK in all of its glory. I feel your pain though being pale I burn to a crisp in this weather.

  18. Sounds like you’re really enjoying it! We are in the depths of winter but despite frosty mornings the days have been superb with sunny skies. Enjoy it while it lasts would be my recommendation πŸ™‚

    • I have a friend living in Perth and I’m always jealous of the glorious pics that she posts in December of her drinking cocktails in the sun… Time for a bit of payback haha!

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