My New Obsession… Love Island!

When it comes to ‘reality’ television, I lost a lot of interest in it years ago. I remember avidly watching Big Brother and X Factor for the first three seasons, I got into TOWIE and Made in Chelsea for a while, and watched a season or two of I’m a Celebrity, but other than that my only regular viewing has been of the Real Housewives franchise, and that’s mainly because there isn’t anything else on the TV at 5.00pm which is when it is generally shown on Freeview.

That is, until now…

Last week my sister and I went to watch Adele perform at Wembley. We shared a hotel room and on my sis’s insistence I was forced to watch Love Island, which I had successfully avoided until that point and had NEVER seen an episode of this season, nor any episodes from previous seasons.

It’s now a week later and I have seen every single episode since and I’ve even gone back and watched a few of the earlier episodes from the season. I now know their names and who they are coupled up with. It’s become a nightly obsession, and it is my sister’s fault. I’m annoyed at how vapid and false it is, and yet I just can’t. stop. watching it, even though it is essentially just a lot of physically beautiful people not doing anything but lie around in bikini’s and discuss relationships.

And bless him, The Bloke has adapted to the new TV routine… by going to bed early every night. However, on the plus side, he does so without complaining how sh*t it all is, which is certainly less vocal than he used to be about Made in Chelsea. Progress made, and another reason why I’m marrying him!

Sis, I’m holding you entirely responsible…

What about you guys? Are you addicted to a silly TV programme?

69 thoughts on “My New Obsession… Love Island!

  1. Hi Suzie! I’m addicted to a show called, “Live PD”. It shows (in real time) police officers arresting people from all over the US! Okay, not always arresting (but mostly!). Yep, I’m addicted! 😉 Cher xo

  2. I will have to find that and check it out. Here are my shows: Silicon Valley, Handmaid’s Tale, Walking Dead, Fear the Dead, Empire, The 100, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. I hate reality tv bc it stresses me out to watch people fight.

  3. I’m crazy obsessed with Love Island too. I started off laughing at how they thought they could find real love on a reality TV show but now I cry whenever Camilla cries.

  4. 😂😂 Love Island has taken over my life!! We’ve been watching from about episode 2 this year. I’ve never even heard of it before! What a guilty pleasure! Himself is equally hooked on it! It is getting out of hand tho I mean when does it end?! Xx

  5. I am happy to admit that I also watch this incredibly trashy TV but, I am 100% hooked!

  6. Ha! Never heard of “Love Island” but pretty sure I’d fall in line behind the Bloke on this one too. However, I am a shameless Survivor fan. And now that I think of it, Shameless is also a pretty good show 😉

  7. This sounds exactly like our house, me complaining her s**t reality to shows, and her new obsession with love island! I don’t go to bed early though, I just find other things to do!

  8. I used to avidly watch Big Brother but got fed up with the types of people going in there. I am going off reality TV a bit now, but I do love ‘Pitch Battle’ that is on at the moment. There is something about a choir which really moves me. I love watching it on a Sunday morning whilst doing my ironing, very uplifting! 🙂

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