The Alternative Wedding Ceremony Playlist

The final stage of the official, legally binding wedding paperwork was the return of the requested readings and music list so the full Order of Ceremony can be created. We were required to give details on all of the music that we were planning to use – as it is a civil ceremony there is no sacred music allowed – and this needs to be checked in advance to avoid any vetos happening on the day. In total, we had to provide a list of tracks totalling about 45 minutes, which will be used while the guests are arriving, when I walk down the aisle, when we sign the register and as we exit.

I asked The Bloke for ideas and immediately realised that the process was going to take a lot longer than I had initially anticipated. Quite simply, we have difficulty taking many things seriously when we’re together and hilarity ensued when he looked at his iTunes playlist and started making suggestions…

What resulted was our alternative Wedding Ceremony Playlist – here is just part of it…

Hanson: Mmm Bop
Elvis: Return to Sender (brilliant apparently for when I’m walking down the aisle)
Electric 6: Gay Bar (I’ve been to many and they’ve always been brilliant nights out)
South Park: Eric Cartman’s version of Come Sail Away and Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo
Blue Swede: Hooked on a Feeling (it’s a love song at least)
Jason Donovan: Too Many Broken Hearts
Meat Loaf: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad
Jermaine Stewart: We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off
Mikey Cyrus: Wrecking Ball
Joe Esposito: You’re the Best
Hairspray: You Can’t Stop the Beat
Iron Maiden: Run to the Hills
Salt n Pepa: Shoop
Neil Diamond: Love on the Rocks
Rage Against the Machine: Killing in the Name
Coolio: Gangsta’s Paradise (the only RAP song I know every single word to)
Beat Farmers: Happy Boy

We did eventually manage to get a playlist and set of readings organised that represents us and isn’t so mushy and loved up that the guests will feel nauseated, and today I went to the register office and handed it all in. So that’s it. We’re on the final countdown (OOH, Europe: The Final Countdown – we didn’t think of that one) and things are getting exciting! There’s a small, cheeky part of me that would like to actually include some of the heavier rock songs while the guests are waiting just for comedy value – the look on The Bloke’s elderly mother’s face as Rage Against the Machine is played would be a picture I’m sure!

What about you guys? What sort of music do you wish you could have got away with using in your wedding ceremony?

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48 thoughts on “The Alternative Wedding Ceremony Playlist

  1. My first dance was to ” If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, better make an ugly woman your wife.” It was a hit!

  2. Hilarious playlist! Would love to see the looks on your guests faces if it were the real one! My daughter was married in a religious ceremony outdoors and I was married in a church during a sung low Mass. So my music was completely religious. The funny part was my mother had to send the tenor going to sing the Mass over to sit with the organist until the wedding because she liked to tipple and was pretty bad when she played drunk. For my daughter’ s wedding we had a string quartet which played classical pieces and an a capella group from the University which sang a single, gorgeous piece. Do tell us what your final playlist is, when you can!

    • Haha! Can’t beat a drunken organist! I used to play in a string quartet and we did loads of weddings – I always enjoyed the look on the groom’s face when he first saw the bride!

  3. Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer, George Michael – Kissing a Fool, Eagles – Heartache Tonight, Norah Jones – Don’t Know Why, Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind .. If I ever get to do it again I think I’d like to walk down a beach to the sound of the ocean πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear what you’ve picked out and I hope it shocks the pants off ’em xxxx

    • Oooh wouldn’t that be lovely! I did suggest a beach but he’d only complain it was too hot haha! I love that list! Wait till the bridal procession starts, that’s all I’m saying 😜

  4. I curated our wedding playlist back in 2013. The first while is older tunes for cocktail hour, and the next few hours are spent slowly building the party up. Every few songs there’s a slow dance and by the end its a dance party. The night ends with Eric Clapton because all wedding dances should end like that! The best part was, my wife, told me the music sounded like an entire night curated just for her. Perfect.

  5. This is a kick ass playlist!! Im like get this on Spotify now!!
    Your so lucky you can choose whichever…. Ours was quite strict as it was in a church. We had 5 of our songs rejected and had to go back to the board so many times!!!
    Delighted you got it sorted xxx

  6. Great list! My daughter’s doing the same thing at the moment and they came up with some cheesy suggestions but the best one was ‘Signed, sealed, delivered’ for when they’re signing the marriage certificate. They also couldn’t stop laughing as they read through their vows, so hopefully it will go well on the day! All the best for the rest of your planning, and the countdown!.

    • That’s on my list too haha! Love a bit of cheese! We were originally going to do our own vows but it mean writing them down to be checked in advance and neither of us could be bothered with the hassle… Thanks lovely! When is your daughter getting married?

  7. We eloped so there was no music. Much better than the first marriage when the DJ was an hour late for the wedding–oh, there were so many signs, why wasn’t I paying attention? And the church organist didn’t ask what we wanted for filler music only for walking down the aisle.

  8. I love this list! Once it makes you two happy, go for it! We did and I was so happy! I think my favourite part was walking out to ‘Make my Dreams Come True’ by Hall and Oates, very cheesy lol πŸ˜‚

  9. Haha, I like that list, Suzie! Why not play a few, just for fun – it’s your wedding after all πŸ™‚ I spent ages putting together a playlist for our reception which the DJ then ignored and played all out of sequence – oh well. We had a string trio for our ceremony though and we finished with ‘All You Need Is Love’, which we thought quite appropriate! πŸ™‚

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