Blog of the Day: The Recipe Hunter!

Meet Esmé! She’s the creator of The Recipe Hunter: Cook and Enjoy, a blog dedicated to beautiful recipes of lots of different types of foods.

She loves to share her passion with cooking and experimenting with different dishes and her blog is wealth of knowledge of all things food! I love the fact that The Recipe Hunter follows a ‘tried and tested’ premise, which not only tests different recipes from a personal perspective, but gives honest reviews as to the success level of the instructions, as well as giving credit and promotion to others within the food blogging world. I always like it when I see the blog love being shared around! I also like the fact that she includes photographs of her results – as someone who enjoys cooking it helps me to feel more confident about trying new recipes and I can see what the dish is actually meant to look like!

Want the opportunity to share your recipes with The Recipe Hunter? She also hosts a ‘Share and Inspire Others! Recipe Exchange‘ for anyone to participate in!

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58 thoughts on “Blog of the Day: The Recipe Hunter!

  1. Suzie, How do I thank you for this post, Words will never be enough, but that’s all I can give you from this distance. THANK YOU very very much. Now you will just have to try some of these already tried and tested recipes. Hope you will enjoy whatever you test out.
    Thanks for the ‘shout out’ and I hope your readers will hop over and see what’s cooking in The Recipe Hunters kitchens around the world. Hope to many of your friends and you soon. ♥

    • WOW – what a wonderful compliment. Thank you so much. Please feel free to hop over and join us and try out some of the tried and tested recipes. We would love your feedback. Thanks in advance

  2. I’m going to peruse your blog for inspiration. When it comes to cooking, I’m thinking I’m better at following someone else’s recipe than providing one of my own ha x

  3. A brilliant virtual friend with excellent guest posters 😉 i can steal recipes for impromptu dinner parties and pretend they are all my own idea *cough* as if I would. I am so excited to be guesting on 24th July *punches air* see you then Esm`e.

  4. Oooh Suzie, cracking shout out to my very good friend Esme 🙂 Top foodie blogger and some of her tried and tested are, well…not putting my photos up; tasty yes, but need to work on presentation lol

    Worthy shout out 🙂

      • You’re welcome Esme and it’s well deserved too. I have tweeted this and stuck it in a FlipBoard magazine dedicated to the FB group bloggers. I’m trying to use that just for you lot now. Call it a group exclusive one 😊

      • I use the FB App on my iPad and run FlipBoard directly from the website on my PC. Both seem to work well although on my PC things are way faster…but then it’s a gaming machine so it finds social media rather dull! What exactly are you using?

      • Hi Gary – I have set it up on my PC, still have to do it on my iPad. May I ask you to have a look at it and see if its done properly and if you have any suggestions for me to improve or make changes. Thanks in advance

      • The Ipad is easy; just grab it from the app store and it will be up and ready really quickly. I can certainly have a look yes; whats you profile name there? if you can give me the link then no problem at all 🙂

        In fact do we need to update your social link up with FlipBoard now????

      • Not bad at all Esme and thank you for flipping a couple of my short stories. There is one post in the big up your blog magazine that says Facebook post no longer available. Might be worth checking that as dead links are a pain. I followed you too. I think you could create a virtual recipe book here too. Starters, mains, desserts and so on. So far so good 😊

      • I really think FlipBoard is just the thing for that Esme; in fact once I started using it I thought of you and what you could do with it. Should have mentioned that ages ago, my bad!

  5. I hopped on over to The Recipe Hunter’s blog and those orange cupcakes look divine! I’ll have to brush up on the metrics system to convert the recipe since the US was going metric when I was a school aged child, but it never happened. The photos are fantastic – it is not easy to do food photography.

  6. I’m always on the hunt for recipe inspiration so thanks for the introduction, Suzie. Looking forward to drooling over Esme’s blog – I’m also on the hunt for a great corn bread recipe as I developed a slight addiction while on holiday 😉

  7. Wonderful! I’ve enjoyed Esme’s blog and love the chance for collaboration. My favorite thing about cooking is the ability to share whatever we create with others, and Esme’s idea to invite others along to collaborate and inspire takes creation in the kitchen to a new level. Love it.

    • Hi Angela – Please email or hop over to my collaboration post and let me know if you’re insterested then I can set you up as a Collaborator. You can write about ANYTHING, not only food posts, but if you want to do a food post, that’s perfect! I am looking forward to hear from you.

  8. I’ve been following Esme’s blog for a while and she shares some awesome recipes, that’s for sure! It’s a great resource to go to when you fall into a food rut!

  9. This is great Suzie – I’ve enjoyed following Esme’s blog. As a househusband, I know I have a lot to learn, especially in the kitchen, and several of her recipes have been great additions to my limited repertoire.

    • Hi Cabe – WOW, I am glad to find you here. Thank you for viewing my blogs recipes as additions to your repertoire. Glad that you make use of them. Please let me know what you think of it when you make them. Any feedback is welcome.

  10. Fun! I love that she gives other people the opportunity to share their favorites, too! I’m not a great cook, but the successful recipes I have recreated I’ve found from blogs like hers.

    • Hi Emily, I am not a great cook or baker, but just love to experiment and share. I have flops as well, so not to worry. Hope you will enjoy what we have to offer and try and test out in our kitchens around the world.

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