Boost Your Twitter and Pinterest Stats with my Social Media Management

Pinterest and Twitter social media management

Of all of the blogging regrets that I have, my hesitation when setting up my social media accounts is the biggest. Why?

Because my social media is now responsible for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of referrals of my total views.

The problem with social media is that, during the initial set-up in particular, it’s incredibly time consuming, even when using schedulers. Posting a blog post now doesn’t just involve pressing the publish button – I think about keywords, create a pinnable image for Pinterest and then pin it, tweet it using specific hashtags, stumble it, share it on Flipboard and then share it again into specific Facebook groups. I then use my BoardBooster Pinterest scheduler to incorporate my latest post. How, when and where I share it will depend on the specific day and time so that they get the maximum audience.

And that’s just the beginning. I have created interesting Pinterest boards that fit within the themes that I cover, along with a successful group board, and participate in link-ups (even starting my own which is now the biggest blog sharing hashtag on Twitter at the weekends) and various Twitter chats. I share high quality pins and tweet interesting posts from others. I follow a daily checklist to make sure that I don’t forget anything.

Sound exhausting? Don’t even know where to start? Don’t have the time?

What if someone could do that FOR YOU.

For the ridiculously reasonable rate of $100 USD for the month, I can set up and manage your Pinterest and Twitter social media accounts, and you won’t have to do anything!

This is what I can offer:

Optimised profile description
Board optimisation – organisation and arrangement of your top boards based on relevance to your niche
Board descriptions with keywords
Addition to group boards
10 personalised vertical Canva images, complete with keyword description (if you require more than ten there will be an extra charge)
Daily pinning

Optimised profile description
Daily tweeting with relevant hashtags
Inclusion in weekly link-ups

I’ve been working with a number of bloggers on this and EVERY SINGLE ONE has seen an increase in their following, reach and engagement with their blog.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what just a handful of my clients had to say about my advertising and social media management services…

As an independent author, having a presence online is vital. I’ve learned that by employing the services of Suzie Speaks I have been able to market my site, attract a wider audience and sell more books without spending hours campaigning. Shelley Wilson

She is very skilled at what she does and has helped me significantly grow both my Twitter and Pinterest followers. Because of her efforts, 50% of my blog views now come from Pinterest vs 0 when I started working with her – Ana, Project Life Wellness

My Pinterest views went from 104 page views to 1263… Suzie has given me great ideas to implement for both platforms and is in touch with the current news of social mediaTiffany, A Girl and Her Passport

My followers on Pinterest have gone from 3 to 721, which is pretty amazing, plus I’ve met some great new bloggers, which has been a nice bonus – Helen, Journey to Ambeth


Are you interested in social media management for one particular area or for a specific time? I can create a package to suit you!

Interested? Send me an email for a chat about how I can help you build your Twitter and Pinterest accounts!

44 thoughts on “Boost Your Twitter and Pinterest Stats with my Social Media Management

  1. May I add another top notch recommendation for Suzie Speaks? She is SO digitally knowledgeable, especially for one who is a digital immigrant (i.e. not a native)! I had someone else managing my Pinterest and Twitter accounts and compared to them, she’s an absolute dynamo!

  2. This sounds amazing Suzie! I’m so happy for you, and maybe someday I hope to budget this in because you are really good at this sort of thing- just from knowing you as a blogger and social organizer!

  3. Sounds very interesting. I’m just at the stage where I’m looking at Pinterest & twitter & other social media accounts to work alongside my blog & im feeling a little overwhelmed with it all to be honest. That’s alongside learning & blogging 😊 May be in touch soon, just need to look at the budgeting

  4. This sounds interesting and i know too well about the time it takes to get yourself set-up properly and growing, well done to you! I will send you an email but also wondering how much difference would it make to my blog that is on not .org etc. Thank you and very inspirational.

  5. Sounds really interesting – I think I’ll be in touch soon! I enjoy social media, but I don’t think I use my time effectively enough and with so many different projects it can get a bit overwhelming to keep track of it all!

  6. I’m definitely interested! Could be a perfect solution for me. I read Helen’s post on what you did for her… quite incredible! But can you work with my existing half baked accounts or start from scratch?

  7. I was only thinking the other day, I wish I could pay someone to do this for me ha! I’ll bear you in mind if/when it can be a possibility. Keep up the good work! X

  8. Whenever I get to the stage of needing assistance, you will be the woman to approach. Good on you for creating your own job opportunities. I am continuously learning from you and others, which I love doing!

  9. That sounds like such a great service Suzie! And fantastic results! I’ll keep it in mind for when I finally get my book finished!

  10. I know that it’s the commenting day and not the sharing day, but I shared this to Twitter. I enjoy my social media engagement, but I know so many indie authors who might write good books but don’t have a clue how to use social media to promote themselves.

  11. I am so thrilled that I have got in touch with you, Suzie, as the package you created for me is perfect for what I want. I would encourageothers to contact you to see what you can do for them too! πŸ™‚

  12. The best mentor and trainer ever. Thank you for helping me learn and grow as well under your guiding wings. I am so happy that you’re willing to work with me. I can already see so many improvements you made and its a delight to see growth, but more having you broadening my horizon and building out twitter and pinterest. Its awesome, and thanks so much.

  13. I know I’ve certainly appreciated your help during the year and you are an angel to work with. I can’t recommend you highly enough. Are you able to do anything to help me with setting up things in boardbooster by any chance?

  14. Hi Suzie,
    This sounds like a needed service. In February of 2015, Pinterest changed their algorithm and it’s difficult to get Pinterest traffic now. There clearly is a market for your service.

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