Rosies: The Super-Club Preview Event in Birmingham

Rosies – a brand new super club – opens its doors this weekend on Broad Street, Birmingham and I was invited along to the preview night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go, so I sent a couple of more-than-willing participants to learn about what to expect from this exciting new venue in the city!


This is the VIP launch weekend and as we walked up the red carpet leading toward the door, we were greeted with the offer of a mystery cocktail or a glass of champagne. The staff were all very friendly and hospitable, particularly the bar staff who were incredibly down-to-earth and accommodating, even offering to make tailored cocktails based on our preferred tastes.

We enjoyed several cocktails (all in the name of the blog of course!) and there was a wide range offered, including sweeter cocktails such as the Strawberry Daiquiri and the Pornstar Martini (my favourite of the night) to the more savoury style drinks such as the Strawberry and Raspberry Mojitos, all beautifully made. Also brought to the table were Cîroc Sharers pitchers of fruit cocktails – Granny Smith, and the Dragon (elderflower and peach) which were also delicious. I think a particular highlight for me was the different menus (both drinks and food) to suit the style and design of each of the different rooms…

My favourite thing about Rosie’s (and certainly what makes it stand out) is the concept of the completely different styled rooms. Though it is common for large clubs to have different levels or rooms, in Rosies it feels like there are numerous smaller clubs within one. Individually designed, with their own DJ, lighting design and décor, there is something for everyone…

On the first floor: a merging of vintage and modern design for the Montana bar. The walls are styled to look wooden which are then scattered with many different photographs, each framed. Lights hang from the ceiling; each bulb is contained within black 3D boxes to add to the vintage style of the room. The room contains booths with floral print on the furniture, again added to the vintage vibe. This bar also offers 50% off drinks from Monday to Saturday, 5pm-10pm, has a beer garden outside and serves pizza all night until 4am. We tried some of the pizza, which was delicious!

Upstairs, the retro room; “for those looking for a bit of noughties nostalgia”. Under a neon sign, a multi-coloured tunnel leads you into a large space (with plenty of room for dancing to those cheesy tunes and “singalong classics” on the dancefloor in the centre of the room), which is covered in more neon paintings. Booths surrounded the room giving plenty of space for people sit and relax but this room is definitely for those who want a good party.

Across the way is Dao, the main club room, which has strong Asian influences in its design. The LED “chopstick lighting” around the room, creates a colour scheme of red and gold that compliments the furnishings such as the Chinese lanterns that hang above the bar and the Buddha statues near the door. A unique design and style for a nightclub room and one that I am (and I’m sure the other guests at Rosies are) intrigued by.

Featuring performances from DJs Scott Mills and Chris Stark, and Nathan Dawes and the Stickmen Duo, and events like ‘Blingo Bingo’ hosted by “hip-hop grannies”, during their opening weekend, the club clearly has some strong and original ideas. It is these same ideas that grant it the description of “super club” as Rosies fresh and unique styles and concepts, paired with its fabulous staff and high quality food and drinks, is a definite recipe for success and surely set to shake up the nightclub scene in Birmingham.

Be sure to check out Rosies!

Rosies Birmingham, 259–262 Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HF

Opening times: Monday – Saturday, 5pm – 4am

You can find them on Twitter @RosiesBirm

Incidentally, my girlfriend was particularly impressed by the vending machine that dispensed prosecco and wanted to me to mention it…


Review by Liam Tipper and Millie-Lee Lloyd


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  1. Prosecco in a vending machine? I’m there! Seriously, it looks like an awesome place. I like nothing better than to dance to the tunes of my youth. I’ve not been clubbing in a while but I may have to get my dancing shoes on again!

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