71 Ways To Slowly Kill Your Blog

Blogging can be a minefield of hints, tips and advice, but there’s a lot of things that you can do or not do that will have more of an impact on your blog than you think… Check out Hugh’s post – please don’t like or comment on my reblog – hop on over to the main post and say hello!

Hugh's Views & News

I’ve got murder on my mind. Are you responsible for any of these?

  1. Do not have an ‘about me’ page on your blog
  2. Your ‘about me’ page takes more than a few seconds to find
  3. Your ‘about me’ page starts with these words – ‘this is an example of an about me page…’
  4. The number of followers you have is more important to you than what you write
  5. Poor quality posts
  6. Have broken links on your blog which you have no idea are broken or can not be bothered to fix
  7. Do not respond to comments
  8. Do not respond to questions
  9. Ignore your readers
  10. Do not treat visitors to your blog as guests
  11. Have no name to be called by
  12. Do not read other blogs
  13. Do not comment on other blogs
  14. Believe that blogging is going to make you rich
  15. Leave links with no relevance (usually to your own posts)…

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6 thoughts on “71 Ways To Slowly Kill Your Blog

  1. For me, #6 is something that would be almost impossible to fix. My four blogs have several thousand posts with links in every post. When the posts were fresh, every link worked.

    Imagine the time it would take to go back over several thousand posts and even more links to check them all.

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