Blog of the Day: Evoking Grace

Meet Antonia, from Evoking Grace…

Antonia has an inspiring story…

I grew up in “Il Mezzogiorno,” land of crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, mozzarella but also mysterious bureaucracy and eternal corruption. I arrived in London with only £50 and things went from bad to worse when I suddenly found myself penniless. I would have gone without food had it not been for the merciful help of some very generous homeless people! That day I learnt about compassion and solidarity and I knew I had to give it back out there somehow.

After endless jobs trying to make ends meet, life started to smile and doors to open. I spent many years being a Personal Stylist to celebrities and “big names” and really enjoyed the buzz of meeting new people, hearing their stories and bonding between seasonal wardrobe updates!

I eventually started to support my clients in deeper ways, by helping them to switch their hectic lives with a gentler approach to themselves and the world around.

And this is what Evoking Grace does. She explains more in her ‘About’ Page

Life can be tough and sometimes take its toll on us. Trying to make it easier you usually end up making it worse. You’ll try and think positive, eat healthily, sleep more and swear less. You are constantly bombarded with promises to be more than what you already are. Yet while looking for perfection you often feel confused, disappointed and exhausted.

Evoking Grace Coaching offers you timeless wisdom for modern day living.

It was born out my passion for people and their uniqueness as I believe we all have what it takes to lead a more joyful and fuller life.

I will help you enjoy your life more and bounce back from its challenges by sharing simple truths on how the Human Mind really works and how to manage your own Energy field.

Want to know more? Evoking Grace is a beautiful site, and has brilliant posts about everything from habits, communication, tolerance and spirituality, to problems and solutions, life lessons… It’s a hub of motivation!

Do you often feel angry, worried or frustrated? You can also book an appointment with Antonia to see how she can assist you with your own issues!

Definitely a site worth checking out – you can also find her on Twitter @evokinggrace