I’ve Discovered that Twine Makes Me Happy…

With less than two months to go before I get married, I’ve been busy finalising the last bits and pieces required before the big day – bouquets, decorations, seating plans, food orders… Luckily, I had done a large amount of organisation at the beginning of the year so most of these jobs mainly involved checking and rechecking things, but it has still felt like I have had a large list to complete every day. On the whole, it’s been quite an enjoyable experience and of course I’m looking forward to the day, but I have learned a lot of lessons – namely the fact that I am never organising a large scale event ever again. I have also discovered an intense interest in all things crafty that I didn’t realise I had – who knew a glue gun, some scrabble tiles and some twine could be the source of so much enjoyment? I blame Pinterest, eBay, Hobbycraft and my youngest sister – the house is filled with jars for centrepieces and flower arrangements, photobooth props, photo frames, seating cards, RSVP’s… I got ridiculously excited the other day when I popped round to my next-door neighbours house after they returned from their honeymoon and they gave me a massive box of craft things left over from their own wedding that they were going to throw away, including twine. So much twine! The Bloke should count himself lucky – if I could glue gun twine onto him, I would.

In between that, I have been working with numerous clients on their social media accounts, I have gained a new blog consultation client and I launched the first Annual Bloggers Bash Twitter Chat on Sunday which has all been very exciting. If you’d have told me a few years ago when I was crying in my classroom at breaktimes that this is what I would be doing, I would have laughed in your face. And yet, here I am – pinning, tweeting, facebooking and devising blogging and social media schedules FOR A LIVING. Dream come true, albeit a bit boring when it comes to conversations with real-life friends when they ask me what I’ve been up to – I can pretty much guarantee that after a few minutes I’m met with glazed expressions as they try and be polite while I am talking growth, social media and reach.

Consequently, there is little to talk about on the blog. I’ve been struggling to create content for a while now, probably because I read titles and posts all day long. The blogosphere also hasn’t been a pleasant place to be on occasion either, and this has put me off further. I think sometimes it’s nice to take a break and this is what I realised that I have been doing – backing off and keeping things ticking over rather than actively pushing it forward. However, now the summer is over and it makes getting colder again, I now have the urge to write and with that I need to find a thicker skin and interesting things to talk about…

…unless you like sticking twine on things too?

What about you guys? What have you been up to?

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74 thoughts on “I’ve Discovered that Twine Makes Me Happy…

  1. How are you using the twine? I get an image of my daughter when she was two and going through her Spider Woman stage. She found a spool of black thread and wound it around everything in the house! You couldn’t walk through a room without tripping. Ha!

  2. Twine is a great thing, my mum used it for her crafts, and I used it for things as a kid. I’m exited for you both! Just wondering, will The Bloke be renamed after the wedding, maybe Hubby The Bloke? 🤔😬😎

  3. I love some crafty things but am not too good with twine! I plan to work a little more on my bullet journals though.
    I am sorry that you are encountering some nastiness online, I really don’t understand why people have to be so petty and small-minded!
    You must be so excited that the wedding is not too far away now, and you can put your finishing touches to your decorations. I have no doubt that it has been hard work, but it will be so rewarding seeing it all come together on the big day! 🙂

  4. One of my friends ran courses for brides (or bridesmaids) to show them how to create their own flower arrangements or flower headdresses. I LOVED it so I totally understand your love of twine.

  5. A glue gun sounds like a lot of fun, but glue and I don’t work well together. You could have probably got some blogging mileage out of my summer – taking down an old shed and putting up a new one. The new one is smaller :-(.

  6. I’ve bought extra batteries for my camera, I think I’m going to need them! Looks like I’ve got a very busy day ahead of me!!

  7. I think it’s the small things in life that make most of us happy. For me it’s a coffee plunger at the next housesit, I am forever in the hope of this happening 🙂

  8. Ah yes I think I’ve taken bit of a break from blogging over summer too. I wanted to focus my time on my child, but also I wanted to wait until I was truly inspired to write something & not blog just for the sake of it. I’m sorry that the blogging world has been a tad unpleasant for you at times. I’m also sad to hear of the hard times you had as a teacher, but equally happy to hear things are working out for you making a living from blogging. You’re doing such an ace job of it xx

    • Thanks so much lovely. It’s good to take a break sometimes, particularly if it means you get to spend more time with your child… I think that sometimes it all just gets a bit overwhelming, but then I think about having to stand at the front of a classroom and it spurs me on!

  9. I wish I’d been more crafty before my wedding but I did make all of our centerpieces and our invites… eBay was my best friend! If Pinterest had been such a thing ten years ago it may have been so different!

  10. Making bits for your own special day I am told is very fulfilling… I am not a cutty sewey person I am just a wordy bird so I will stick (pardon the pun) to that. Congrats Suzie in advance on your wedding… just incase It disappears from my brain later.. It is good to get back to writing, even if it is small pieces only, I have struggled lately, but decided to write when my health allows me I will write and not worry about the amount , just relieved that sometimes I am clear enough to do so. A smashing post once more. Happy #SocialSaturday

  11. That title made me laugh!! We had a wine box at our wedding with a cut in the lid and wedding guests were encouraged to post messages that we were to read on our first anniversary- with the bottle of wine for company. Such a fun time x enjoy every minute

  12. Not long to go now!! I’m glad twine and crafty bits have kept you happy (and busy), it’s amazing what we discover about ourselves. Our daughter’s wedding is less than 3 weeks away and we’re getting excited about it too. All the best to you with your business, you know you are a whiz at all this stuff and I love your help.

  13. Well on Top Of that you need to be fresh for your special day Lol!
    I’m back into the swing of teaching things… which means writing has had to take a back seat!

  14. You made me laugh with your comment about hot gluing twine on the bloke. I’ve been getting ready to release a book and while excited about it, am also aware of what foreign territory it is for me. I like to write and interact from the comfort of my desk chair, and I’ve got to take my book out into the world in front of people face to face. I know it will be fun but it is not easy for me!

  15. You had me at twine. I think I pinned a post on 15 items to make with twine a while ago. Before I popped up to the top of Blog Saturday I posted a post and it was a crafting post and voila here you are talking about twine and crafts. Looking forward to hearing all the details on leading up and on the big day. PS I wouldn’t glaze over if we were having coffee and talking!

  16. I’ve taken a break from my blog a couple of times. There’s been a few times that I’ve struggled to motivate myself to create content.
    It can be good to take a break occasionally. You’ll no doubt find yourself bouncing back stronger with a little break.

    • I do that every so often – when the community starts getting a bit ratty or I’ve run out of things to write I back away for a bit and then come back when I start missing it…

  17. Sounds like you’re having a great time prepping for the big day. I’ve enjoyed your blogs, and have learned quite a bit from the ones that are geared specifically to blogging. I’m new at this game, but it truly is great fun.

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