How to Create, Join and Use Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest, despite all of the updates and changes that have been made over the last 9 months, is still a primary source of traffic to my blog. I took my time to join and develop my boards (and I wish I’d have done it sooner) but it remains my favourite way to share my posts and to access interesting posts that cover posts of lots of different topics.

One of the easiest ways of boosting my traffic has been the creation of my own board and joining those created by others.

Essentially, a blogging group board is like an ongoing link-up and sharing opportunity (and those of you who follow the blog regularly will know how much I like I good party). It works in the same way as all the other boards, but instead of just the creator sharing their pins, others are allowed to join the board and pin their own posts and posts from others that they have enjoyed. The more members and followers a board has, the more likely the pin will be seen and repinned elsewhere.

Each board is different, usually with specific rules depending on the creators preferences. Some are a free-for-all, ie. you can pin as many posts as you like, while some only allow one pin a day. Others ask that you share someone else’s post along with your own. Some are focused solely on a theme – blogging tips, DIY, recipes, crafts, beauty. Some have no theme at all, as long as they are blog posts.

I’m a member of a number of boards and by pinning my posts into there I know that my posts are potentially seen by thousands of people who are also members and followers of the same boards. My views and my reach have increased massively since I started utilising them.


How to Create Your Own Group Board

I use Pinterest through the app far more than a PC, so these screen shots are taken from that. However, the process is exactly the same on any device you are using.

Go to ‘Create a board’ and click on it.

Creating a Group Board

Decide on a name for your board. Make it short and clear what the board is about.

Add a description of your group board, again making it clear what theme you have for the board (ie. travel, food, lifestyle etc or that it is open to any theme), how often people can post and how others can join the board. After the Pinterest changes earlier in the year, I would advise again asking people wanting to join to comment on one of your pins as it is likely that some of these will get lost in your notifications.

Invite people to join the board by clicking on ‘Collaborators,’ typing in their Pinterest name into the search section and pressing ‘invite.’

adding people to pinterest group boards

You can also do this by pressing the + symbol at the top of your group board and selecting the person you want to join from the list provided.

Save the board by pressing ‘Create.’


How to Join a Group Board

Again, this will depend on the creator. Some may ask that you comment on one of their pins in the board. Some will ask that you email them directly. Before you do anything, follow the board you wish to join and then follow the instructions that are written at the top of the board. I always prefer to message people directly via the Personal Message system on Pinterest. I get asked this question a lot, so here is how you message someone on Pinterest.

Click on the message button that looks like a speech bubble. You can then see your Notifications and Inbox. Click on your Inbox, then click on the + button and type in the name of the person that you want to message. (Click on the images to see them in full)

When requesting an invitation, be polite, and ensure that you follow the collaborators requests with how you use the board. ‘Add me to your board’ isn’t particularly the right sort of message you want to send. Be patient when awaiting a reply – not everyone is available every day to accept requests, some of the bigger accounts won’t accept people with low numbers and it may take a few days, or even weeks to get a response. Be prepared not to get a response at all. It’s not nice, but it happens.

How to Use Group Boards

Pin your posts to the group boards you are a member of as often as possible. Be sensible about it: pin 1 at a time (remember that some boards only ask for 1 pin a day anyway), spread your pins out throughout the day and don’t pin the same ones to the boards – rotate the posts you pin. I use BoardBooster, a scheduling app that pins out my posts to specific boards at specific times so that I don’t repeat my pins or spam any boards.

Once you have pinned your own post, have a look through some of the others within the board and repin them. This means that the board develops a better repin rating.

Want to Join New Group Boards?

I’m a Social Media Manager for Pinterest and I have a number of group boards available that are looking for high quality contributors. To join them, PM ME ON PINTEREST with a request and I can add you to them! You can find my Pinterest by clicking on the link here

Need help setting up your Pinterest? I offer a Pinterest Package for bloggers – click the link here.

Hope this was useful! Enjoy!

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  1. I am certainly pleased that I have become more involved in Pinterest, and since you have been working with me, I have noticed a huge increase in traffic and followers! I would certainly encourage anyone who is struggling to understand Pinterest to contact you and see what package you can create for them. πŸ™‚

  2. Seems I need you after reading this! Mines an uncoordinated mess and needs a clear out!!! I’ve still got to reply to your last message too!

    That said, these are solid tips as ever Susie 😊

  3. This is excellent information. I have a question though. When I pin other blogger’s posts, is it more helpful to post their stuff in group boards or on my own boards? i want those I share to be seen and I honestly don’t know how to do that best.

  4. Many thanks for this very useful insight Suzie…..I have already requested for joining on your board on pinterest and I hope your help will definitely guide me in improving my blog presence much more…..thanks..

  5. A really useful post. When I get a spare five minutes I’ll revisit and look into joining boards. Thank you xx

  6. Thanks for this Suzie….been trying to find a group board for our small home business venture to join – without success (hifi & speakers – hubby builds and I am in charge of social media but failing miserably!). So….maybe I shall just start my own!!

  7. So interesting Suzie. I’ve got a Pinterest board but haven’t really spent much time getting to grips with it. Really need to look into it properly though as could do with more traffic to our blog.

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