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Meet Matthew! He’s the creator of Love, Laughter and Truth, an open and sometimes brutally honest blog about life… I started writing about the different topics that he covers, but his About page explains his content far more succinctly than I ever could…

Sometimes, sh*t happens.

Depression, divorce, having to take the kids to an Olly Murs concert… we’ve all been there. Well, maybe not; the specifics might change but one thing’s for sure, if you’re reading this you’ve dealt with some sh*t along the way. That’s life folks!

The thing about sh*t though, it’s a great fertiliser. In dealing with the sh*t in our lives we learn, we grow, we become better people. Sometimes, we even start a blog.

That’s what I did, in the aftermath of divorce and depression I took to my tablet and I wrote. And I wrote. And I wrote some more. In fact, since beginning my blog in December 2015 I haven’t shut up.

I write to make sense of things, to find meaning, to release the thoughts and emotions that swirl senselessly around my head, hoping that they reveal some clarity upon landing as words on the page.

By writing I hope to learn things about myself and about life that will make each new chapter in my life better than the one that went before it. In doing so I hope that my writing can help others along the way, to find their own meaning and to provide some food for thought, some comfort, and maybe some laughter too.

Sh*t happens, but if we look there’s usually something to make us smile amongst the mess; maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day we can find it, and if it’s proving hard to find then we can create it ourselves. Life’s always better when you’re smiling.

I couldn’t agree more – life is indeed always better with a smile. I love his posts – honest, well-written and open about topics that still aren’t discussed as often as they should be, including how to deal with divorce, depression and mental health, and I’m a huge fan…

Matthew is also an author, having released his Top 5 best-selling book, ‘Something Changed’ this year, in which he talks about his journey after his own divorce.

Want to find out more? Hop on over to his blog and say hi!

You can also find him on Twitter here and on his Pinterest account here


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42 thoughts on “Blog of the Day: Love, Laughter & Truth

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words Suzie, very much appreciated! I haven’t forgotten about the testimonial by the way, just been flat out recently. Will have it done soon 😊

    • Haha thanks, someone else said that to me this week! I don’t know where such phrase should come from, they just come out of me when I write!

  2. Great post and an awesome new blog to follow. One of the best thing about the blogging community is sharing our experiences and learning from others, and if we can find a silver lining there, all the better!

  3. Hi, Suzie and Matthew! Having been through a divorce myself, the challenges of keeping body and soul together are real. Approaching issues head on, with humor and grace, is the best way I can think of to deal with life’s sh*t. Thank you for sharing Matthew’s blog with your readers. I’ve enjoyed a few of his posts so far and look forward to more!

  4. Thank you to everybody for all of the kind comments and for visiting my blog, I really do appreciate it 😊

  5. Fabulous post Susie and always nice to get an inside track on a blogger and author I’ve not read before. More so because of the attitude to dealing with crap that life throws at you. Everyone takes a hit at some point and staying positive, or using it to do something positive is all part of the learning curve. Not to mention speaking out tells others they are not alone in feeling low in hard times.

      • You’re very welcome and I shall be popping over tomorrow to check out your blog too. I do like linking up with blogging authors….even run a few spotlights myself.

  6. This is what it’s all about….”I write to make sense of things, to find meaning, to release the thoughts and emotions that swirl senselessly around my head…”

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