Blog of the Day: Gin and Lemonade

Meet Lorna! She’s the creator of Gin & Lemonade…

Lorna lives in Skye, writes, reads and lives quite happily with her husband, their daughter, lots of books, a few fish, and computers called Hemingway, Truman, and Frank. She’s 36, and happens to be a wheelchair-user. She explains more in her rather epic ‘About’ page:

Back then I had just moved in with my boyfriend (Sarge), and I wanted to write from the perspective of a youngish person with CP in a relationship and living in not the most accessible city in the world. And for added interestingness, I was an American living in Scotland for a really long time, with an accent that betrayed all my years here.

To bring you up to speed, Sarge has always been Neil and we got married in 2013.  Our daughter Isla was born in 2014, and we still call her Zerbert.  Sometimes.

And these days, the three of us live in a medium-sized house in the country.   I miss the city.  But missing places and people is not a new concept for me.

I’m still American and my accent is still weird.

I used to drive a sports chair.  Now I have a minivan chair.

Gin & Lemonade is where I drink coffee and talk about all of it.  On this blog you will find musings and hopefully full sentences on all of the above,  quips, weird list posts, family flashbacks.  And reading updates.

I’ve been a fan of Gin & Lemonade for a while. Lorna writes in a style that I can relate to and discusses all sorts of topics, from her daily life and adventures, travel, family and the difficulties that she experiences with living with CP. It’s an open and friendly place to be, with a wit that has made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions! Definitely worth checking out, particularly if you’re a lifestyle blogger that actually likes to read about life, rather than just looking at pictures of the beach that someone is sitting on… Unless Lorna is the one on the beach, no doubt with a coffee in her hand. And anyone who refers to their child as Zerbert (I call my niece Squidge) is fine with me!

You can find Lorna on Twitter here and Pinterest here… Hop on over and say hi – It’s absolutely worth the click!




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  1. Lovely blog you have Lorna, and lovely for Suzie highlighting it. I am already following your blog. I like your sense of humor in your writing and will definitely keep coming back for more reading…:)

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