Blog Party Tomorrow!

I haven’t hosted a blog party in a very long time, and there are a few things that I would like to take the opportunity to celebrate:

  • Suzie Speaks hit 20,000 collective followers a little while ago
  • I am getting married next week
  • Halloween is approaching

So, I’m hosting an ENORMOUS blog party TOMMOROW on the blog. I thought it would be a brilliant opportunity to create a space for the blogging community to share a few links from their blog and potentially meet new people. I always have a great time, with hundreds of links being shared, and it means that I get the chance to find new blogs to follow and catch up on some posts that I have missed.

For those of you who have never participated in a blog party before, here are the rules:

1. Choose your favourite post from your own blog. The subject of the post can be anything you like – blogging, food, parenting, life, travel, thoughts, photography… Note: This should be only ONE post overall and should be from your blog – I will delete any posts shared for someone else – and spend the time visiting other bloggers instead.

2. Copy the URL

3. Paste the link in the comment section of TOMORROW’S PARTY post.

4. Make sure that it is blog posts only please! No Amazon pages, YouTube, Spotify, group boards, Facebook groups or Etsy promotion – I will delete these and any further links from anyone who ignores this.

5. Enjoy! Relax, pull up a chair and meet new people! Find new blogs, comment on their posts, be polite, courteous and respectful and don’t forget to follow, reblog, tweet, pin, stumble and share.

* Comment directly on someone’s post, not in the comment section of tomorrow’s post if you are responding to them.
* Retweet my pinned post on Twitter to invite more people.
* You don’t have to follow me of any of my social media, but you’re welcome to!
* You don’t have to have been blogging for a specific amount of time or have to have a certain number of followers – everyone is welcome!
* You are also very welcome to invite your friends and you’re welcome to reblog this post too!

This is a really useful way of discovering new blogs, particularly if you have only just joined the blogging world – the general rule that I set myself when I participate is that I check out at least two or three other bloggers for every link that I leave.

The party will start at 9.00am BST tomorrow and will last for 48 hours to give everyone from every timezone the opportunity to participate…

Hope to see you there!

You can find me on Twitter and Tumblr @suzie81blog, and don’t forget to follow my Facebook page, my Pinterest page and my Instagram page

23 thoughts on “Blog Party Tomorrow!

  1. Yeay! I can’t wait, Suzie! And talk about wonderful things to celebrate! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and the brilliant 20,000 followers! Woo hoo!! So happy for you, my dear! Cher xo

  2. Brilliant! I am sooo looking forward to your wedding, Suzie. I almost feel like I will be there, and I, along with all 20,000 of your followers expect tons of pictures!

  3. Top idea Suzie and I’ll be here for sure. Congratulations again on the marriage and 20k?? Flipping heck, that’s well impressive. Really pleased for you on, well, all three counts on your list!

  4. Congratulations on so many lovely things! I am one follower away from 200…this is kinda cool for me☺ I will be blogging partying to celebrate with you tomorrow. Thank you for everything you have done for me as a blogger xx I don’t know if you realise how much of a lift this group has given my world. 😍

  5. Huge congrats Suzie, it’s a massively exciting time for you and you go and through a party into the mix!!! Can’t wait to join in. Sharing away as we speak. πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  6. Wow..some achievement 20,000 followers ( only in my dreams) Can’t wait to see your wedding pics( the dress) I haven’t reached 10 yet on my blog launched 2 days ago..but baby steps πŸ™‚

  7. Congrats! – especially on getting married (may it be happily ever after for you x) and on the amazing achievement of 20,000 followers – that’s nearly as big a deal as getting married. I’ll be back tomorrow to share my link and thanks for hosting. πŸ™‚

  8. It is so kind and commendable to have someone of your huge following doing this as a way to give back to the Blogging community! You just got yourself another follower girl and I think you just become my new favorite person!

  9. Hi Suzie, congratulations. I always like a blog party because it gives the opportunity to discover amazing blogs.

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