Blog of the Day: The Married Cat Lady

I’m away this week, so i thought it would be nice to promote some bloggers for you to visit!

Meet Becca, the creator of The Married Cat Lady!

She explains a little about herself in her About page:

I am a self-proclaimed weirdo living in the Chicago suburbs with my wonderful husband and our fur babies Albus (cat) and Nellie (pup).

I enjoy Harry Potter, coffee, cat memes, gifs, elephants, yoga, Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers, 30-second dance parties, my girlfriends, the smell of babies, and an assortment of other fun things.

I am writing in an effort to bring laughter and joy into your life via my witty ramblings and embarrassing stories. Wish me luck!

Becca’s blog is separated out into several categories, but my favourite of all of them is her ‘flashbacks’ section, in which she discusses different thoughts and experiences from her life. Have you ever written a letter to yourself to open in the future and ask your mum to look after it, only for her to then lose it? What about your first experiences with French kissing? Or what about reading the adventure section and finding out more about her various travels?

I’m a big fan, and I love Becca’s writing style and the lovely images she includes within her posts. I love naturally positive people who give off positive vibes in their interactions, and she’s just as friendly in conversation and generous with the amount of time that she spend supporting other bloggers, and she’s a valuable member of the community!

Hop on over, check out her blog and say hello!

You can also find her on Twitter @Becca_Barracuda

Just don’t call her Becky…

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