Keepers is Here!

In my naivety I thought that publishing a novel was a reasonably straightforward process – write, edit, publish, done – but following my blog friend Sacha Black’s journey as she was writing her first fantasy book made me realise just how wrong I was.

And now, KEEPERS IS FINALLY HERE and I am so excited to read it!

Here’s the blurb…

Eden’s life is balanced… until her soul is bound to her enemy.

When her parents are murdered, the realm of Trutinor is threatened. Then a mysterious human arrives and changes everything. As Eden’s world spirals out of control, she doesn’t need a charismatic Siren from her past returning to complicate life.

Now, saving Trutinor is the last thing on Eden’s mind.

Three boys.
Two murdered parents.
One deadly choice.

This will be the first book within her series – The Eden East novels. It’s been five years in the making, 237,000 words within three different drafts. Wow. For the last year I’ve watched her go through the highs and lows of finishing, editing and publishing the book, and I’m so pleased for her. You can see her journey in all its glory here…

And how beautiful is the cover art too!

You can buy the book from here – it will take you to your most frequently visited store

What are you waiting for? Go and buy it now!

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73 thoughts on “Keepers is Here!

  1. Her story (Sacha’s) has been so inspiring in the way she’s been consistent with her output. Wishing her all the best for the novel and I hope it does swimmingly well 🙂

  2. OH WOW – Does she have this as an E-book as I prefer to buy it that way. Have far too many paper books in the SMALL house our ours, (hubby is an avid reader, like 2-3 per week) and we now only go for E-books, but I would love to read the full set.

  3. Please pass along my sincere congrats to Sacha! But we’ll have to try to overlook my envy as I’m about 233,000 words behind in the writing process.

    Looking forward to reading!

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