Is it time to turn off comments on your blog?

A really interesting article from Hugh about the validity and necessity of blog comments. Please don’t like or comment on my reblog, hop on over to Hugh’s Views and News and let him know your thoughts!

Hugh's Views & News

I’ve always believed that leaving and responding to comments on a blog is one of the actions at the very heart of what blogging is all about. Imagine my surprise when I then read that some bloggers are turning off comments being left on their blogs for good.

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If you’re lucky enough to get lots of comments left on your blog, then responding to them can become overwhelming. In the almost four years I’ve been blogging, I’ve approved and responded to nearly 30,000 comments, and it can sometimes take me a whole morning responding. However, I’ve always had the attitude that if somebody has taken the time to read and leave a comment on one of my posts, then it’s only right and polite that I acknowledge them and write a response.

‘Treat every visitor to your blog, as you would any guest to your house.”

Those were the words I…

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13 thoughts on “Is it time to turn off comments on your blog?

  1. I would never turn the comments off on my blog, it’s what makes blogging so much fun. But I agree that it does take effort and time. I’ve also had lots of people leave their links on my post. I do generally respond though I like your approach to this.

  2. Whether I have one comment or more, I respond to all. I love comments. I also enjoy reading other people’s blogs and leaving a comment. I am always left frustrated if comments are turned off, and usually don’t visit those blogs again.

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