When Suzie Met Dolph

In August the brother of my oldest friend shared an advert on Facebook for a Sci Fi convention taking place in Manchester on the 2nd and 3rd December. Now, those of you who follow the blog regularly will know that The Bloke is an enormous geek, but while I like to embrace his geekiness, the convention wouldn’t necessarily be the sort of thing I would actively seek out. That is, until I saw that one person in particular would be appearing:

Dolph Lundgren.

I’ve had a crush on Dolph for 30 years after seeing Masters of the Universe at the cinema on my 6th birthday. Since then, everyone who has ever been in my life has been made aware of my opinion of Dolph and all his Swedish loveliness, to the point where I still get text messages from friends whenever he is on TV. I even have a framed and autographed print from the film that has been proudly displayed at home for about 15 years.

So, when I saw that he was appearing in my home city (where all my family still live) and there were paid opportunities for photographs with him, I knew that this would probably be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet him. I bought two tickets and a photograph ticket, and then my mum very kindly offered to pay for it as a birthday present.

Yesterday afternoon I got the train up to Manchester and my family and I went out for a joint birthday meal at our favourite Chinese restaurant (mine was earlier this week, my mum’s is next week), and I got to spend some time with the Squidge (my niece) and give everyone Christmas presents asย The Bloke and I are spending Christmas at home together in Birmingham this year…

I’ve waited for months, but today I found myself stood in a queue at 8.45am in the rain, waiting for the convention to open. Unfortunately, The Bloke wasn’t able to come with me so my brother-in-law (who will now be known as The Sister’s Bloke) very kindly offered to take me there instead (he’s a geek too), and we were having a nice time watching all of the cosplay characters.

The convention was brilliant, and we timed it well enough so that we could get round all the exhibits and stalls without it being too crowded – the 1989 Batwing, Ecto1 from Ghostbusters, Alien, Predator, Kit from Knight Rider, a ton of different things from Star Wars, combined with loads of amazing people in different costumes were all there – it was fabulous!

I worked out where the photo section was and deliberately joined the queue for the person before Dolph, which was Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters. This meant that by the time that session had finished I was RIGHT AT THE FRONT and I could see Ernie and David Hasselhoff from where I was standing.

And then, Dolph appeared. How I kept it together I have no idea, but I walked up to him when it was my turn (I was given ticket number 5) and shook his hand.

Me: I’ve waited 30 years to meet you!
Him (laughing): ok
Me: My name’s Suzie!
Dolph: Hi Suzie!
Me: Hi Dolph! Nice to finally meet you!

HE PUT HIS ARM AROUND MY SHOULDER, I PUT MY ARM AROUND HIS BACK AND WE HAD OUR PICTURE TAKEN. He was friendly, smiled, really courteous and oh so incredibly handsome, and even though it was all over within about a minute it was totally worth it.

Dolph Lundgren said my name. Oh. My.

Still shaking, I walked around the side of the photo area to get my print, and then I saw that I looked all red and sweaty from the sheer awesomeness of meeting him. But, I don’t care:

Dolph Lundgren said my name.

I don’t think I’m ever going to get bored of saying that.

While I was waiting for Dolph The Sister’s Bloke managed to get into a panel discussion with with Casper Van Dien, Joonas Suotamo, Jeremy Bullock and Daniel Logan so after I had finished squeaking and ringing The Bloke we decided to leave – the thousands of people that were in the building by that point made it impossible to move properly, and even though I knew Dolph would be appearing again later in the day on the main stage I couldn’t face having to wait amidst the sheer madness for another few hours. I had fulfilled one of the few remaining things on my bucket list by meeting him in person and I can’t ask for more than that… It was epic.

And now, I’m back home with a sleepy cat…

And guess what film I’m just about to watch…

62 thoughts on “When Suzie Met Dolph

  1. Haha that’s awesome! I’ve always liked Dolph, maybe not quite like you do haha. My fave films of his are Rocky 4, Universal soldier and YES Masters of the universe. I’m glad you got to meet him.

  2. And I live that he’s smart too! The picture is great. I don’t know if I would have suffered the crowds myself. But who know, I’ll find out the next time I know that The Rock is in town. Lol

  3. Your face says it all!!! I’m so glad you finally got to meet him, touch him, speak to him (please tell me you didn’t lick him!!) ๐Ÿ˜‰ The comic con events are fantastic for bringing everyone together and SO much fun. AND you saw Ernie!! Me old mucker hahaha I had an excitable squeal with the former ghostbuster in Brum earlier this year. Fab post, Suzie.

  4. My other half, aka the Squire, would have had a ball at this convention. He is another Sci-Fi fan, me not so much! It looks like you enjoyed the distractions!

  5. I love that photo, and DOLPH SAID YOUR NAME!!! I am not one bit jealous, that you got to touch such hunky handsomeness, I do not envy you at all. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  6. How totally cool for you. He hasn’t aged at all!!
    I LOVE ComiCons!!! I always thought they were for geeks until I dressed up as Poison Ivy and saw for myself. I met Anthony Michael Hall from Pretty in Pink and The Dead Zone last year. This year I watched Eleven from Stranger Things interviewed on the main stage. It was worth the wait. Talk about precocious!! I dressed in a rubber suit and went as Selene from Underworld. One of my writer friends was signing books and didn’t recognize me. Ha!

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