A Winter Wonderland and Christmas Prep

For once, The Bloke and I timed things perfectly.

The plan for Friday evening last week was to drive up North to visit The Bloke’s Sister (my new sister-in-law!) as it was her birthday the following day. However, the snow heavens opened, The Bloke’s school closed early and so we decided to risk it and drive up at lunchtime instead. There wasn’t even a hint of snow there and so we spent the Friday afternoon and Saturday catching up, playing with Harvey and Charlie (my sis-in-law’s Goldendoodle and my mother-in-laws retriever), going through some social media (sis-in-law is a blogger and photographer) and eating the BEST fish and chips that I’ve ever had at the Garden Room Cafe in Braithwell. It was nice to kick-back and relax in a different surrounding.

There was a weather warning for severe snow, so we drove home later on the Saturday evening and made sure that the car was parked directly in front of the house to prepare ourselves.

I’m glad we did. The last time I remember this much snow, The Bloke and I built a large snowman with a big booty in our back garden, just for the fun of it.

We’ve had an epic 10+ inches of snow in the Midlands this week (insert smutty comment here…). In the UK we’re particularly ill-equipped to deal with even a light dusting of snowfall, so when this amount fell within 24 hours everything pretty much came to a complete standstill. Schools and businesses closed, public transport stopped running, the local hospitals sent out pleas to members of the public with 4×4 cars to assist with the transportation of patients…


I love the snow. At the risk of sounding nauseating, it makes everything so attractive and particularly at this time of year it kick-started the whole ‘Christmas is coming’ vibe that I had yet to experience. The Bloke had two-and-a-half days off, we’ve been able to spend a little time together and he’s been able to indulge in his photography talents by harassing the squirrels in our local park.

And just look how stunning the park was!

With the lead up to Christmas, it’s felt busier than ever. A friend of mine fell and broke her arm recently so I’ve been helping her at home, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my social media management for my clients (so many great posts between them), getting things organised for the Annual Bloggers Bash, and trying to organise myself enough so that the pre-Christmas prep isn’t left until the last minute. The cards are done, the tree is up, presents bought and wrapped, families visited and we’re almost ready to spend our first Christmas together at home. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I’m not having to battle on the trains amidst the madness of the travel rush, and I get to wake up next to The Bloke in our own home. Fabulous. The last thing we have to do is get the food in, but that will simply be a quick trip into town later next week…

I can’t believe that Christmas is just over a week away!

What about you guys? Are you prepared for Christmas?

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40 thoughts on “A Winter Wonderland and Christmas Prep

  1. Snow how beautiful…Christmas is not the same in the sun however you try to dress it up but I should be used to that by now. But less stress and I am playing all the Christmas songs like mad and have the only tree for miles I think so am hoping once the dinner is on and presents being opened it will seem a little like Christmas…There’s a song there I think… haha…Happy Christmas x

  2. We’re no strangers to snow in Western New York. Where I live, we got about 10 inches so far, however, 20 minutes from here, they have 2 feet or more. The football game was played last weekend during a lake effect snow storm. I wouldn’t mind if I never saw the white stuff again and instead had to deal with sand and 90 degree temps. Merry Christmas 🙋🐦🎅

  3. I am with you that everything looks so much prettier covered in snow, however, I do not like to drive in it! We have not had much here at all so far, what we did have melted away before it even settled.
    It sounds as though you are all ready for your first Christmas as a married woman, Suzie. I hope you and the Bloke have a wonderful time. 🙂 🎅🤶

  4. Ten inches of snow, Suzie? I think we barely managed four or five inches this past week and that’s a baby snowstorm for us in the northern U.S. I’m ready for Christmas, all I need now is for the week to fly by so I can enjoy the company of friends and family…and some ham!

  5. I like reading of your affection for snow, Suzie. I live in Maine and think snow is lovely though others complain about it incessantly. It does make life a bit more difficult – driving in it, shoveling, bundling up, etc. But it gives everything a fresh look. As for Christmas, I have a lot of wrapping to do, and a few more gifts to buy. I’ve scaled back my efforts over the years, so I enjoy it more. I love the lights, the Christmas movies and the SNOW. ❄️🎄 Merry Christmas to you and the bloke!

    • Thanks Molly! A friend of mine loves in Maine and his daily Facebook posts have shown me how much snow he’s had – I don’t think I could cope with that amount! Have a lovely Christmas!

  6. We’ve already had two snow storms in the last week. Luckily only about 6 inches the first time and another 3 inches the second time. But so glad to be working from home now as last year my job as an Operations Manager included ensuring the parking lot and building were safe and warm for our employees. So glad not to be getting up at 3am to make sure the parking lot and sidewalks were cleared properly for my employees that started work at 6am. We’re mostly ready for Christmas, just need to get to the making of Christmas cookies.

      • I worked for a cell company. Everyone else could be sitting at home nice and cozy because of a snowstorm, but for some reason, they felt that we should be ready to answer their phone calls. People would actually get upset that we didn’t have enough Reps to answer the calls. Where are all your Reps? Why, stuck in the snow Mr. Customer, would you like to go help them so they can get to work?

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