Happy Christmas Eve!

It’s Christmas Eve, and it’s already been a day of firsts…

It’s the first time I’ve not had to travel, the first time woken up in my own home on Christmas Eve, it’s the first Christmas with The Bloke as a married couple, and I realised the other day that this was the first year that I’ve not had to organise, participate in or watch a Christmas concert or assembly since I was about eight years old… Admittedly it’s an odd feeling not to be waking up at my mum’s house with some sort of awful soap opera on the TV and two excited doggies jumping on me while I try to put various Christmas themed hats on them.

I have a plan for the day, most of which involves doing nothing, which is a bit strange. There’s a slight feeling that I’ve forgotten something or need to do something – it’s similar to the feeling I used to have on the first day of the holidays after a particularly stressful teaching term… perhaps it will take me a while to get into it.

Either way, there’s plenty of food in the cupboard, plenty of Christmas films to watch and plenty of Christmas cuddles to be had with The Bloke and the cat. How lucky I am!

I’ll be pretty much offline until after Boxing Day. Hope you all have a peaceful and happy Christmas, wherever you are and whoever you’re spending it with!

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