Lessons, Limoges and Lilliput Lane

George Orwell’s house in Notting Hill

This week has been a little hectic. The Bloke has had a week off, we’ve been organising a bajillion things at once and trying to spend some quality time together, and I’ve been desperately trying to keep on top of my daily checklists. It’s been a mixed bag of fun and stress all rolled into one busy package.

But, we’re never too old to learn new things, and this week I have learned a lot.

A raspberry in a glass of prosecco makes it taste less like what I imagine unwashed feet do. I must be the only female I know who doesn’t like it, but it’s almost palatable with a raspberry.

Upgrading on a travel West Midlands train is a pointless waste of money.

I make a mean French Toast, after trying it out for the first time last Sunday. My buzz was cut short, however, after my friend informed me that her 11 year old regularly makes it for herself.

If you don’t specify what type of cake you want, it’s more likely that you’ll be given a selection.

George Orwell’s former house in Notting Hill is blue.

An entire world exists that solely consists of Lilliput Lane model house enthusiasts, dealers and the unfortunate souls who have ended up with Auntie Doris’s collection of 450 pieces (all with boxes and deeds of course).

On that note, Lilliput Lane houses chip really easily.

Some of the traders in Portobello Road Market get very angry if you take pictures anywhere near their stall.

The guy on the bus really wanted to sell his Armani Tracksuit for £50 to a girl called Charlotte.

Nutella stuffed doughnuts are not as great as they sound when they’re really cold and are especially messy when you’ve just put lots of lipstick on.

There’s Limoges, and then there’s Limoges. Apparently there’s a difference.

There’s a stunning canal area near Kensal Green cemetery.

I am now able to apply liquid eyeliner successfully on a moving train without looking like the newest member of KISS. Winner.

Going to see a blockbuster movie during half-term is not a good idea.

The bunny still hates me, but it’s ok because he’s cute

It is possible to compete in the Winter Olympics on skis without actually being any good.

Cadbury’s Crunchie chocolate spread actually exists and it’s amazing.

The TV show Weeds is almost as graphic as Game of Thrones, and I’m gutted that it’s taken me 13 years to discover it.

Meeting and talking with a 22 year old CEO of a promising company is incredibly inspiring.

Toby Carvery does a really great all-you-can-eat breakfast.

There’s a difference between Wedgwood blue and green jasper. Blue jasper is blue. Green jasper is green. Boom.

The end of this year will bring significant changes (I’m not pregnant before anyone freaks out) and I’m both ridiculously excited and scared silly about the prospect of it. More about that in later posts, but there’s plans. Lots of plans.

What about you guys? How has your week been?

37 thoughts on “Lessons, Limoges and Lilliput Lane

  1. Hi ya Suzie, sounds like your week was pretty mental but what is this exciting end of the year you’re talking about? My interest is peeked.
    My week was fairly ordinary… 🙂

  2. Ooh looking forward to your big news. But wait…..there is such a thing as Crunchie spread?!?!?!?! *runs to supermarket*

    This week I learnt that the plane that crashed in a field near my Dad’s childhood house during WWII (and made half the ceiling in his bedroom collapse) was purposefully crashed in the field to avoid crashing into the town (my hometown Wallingford). It had numerous bombs on board and would have devastated the town. The pilot & engineer died whilst all the airmen bailed (and survived) moments before. Also, if my Gran hadn’t moved my Dad’s bed to the other side of his bedroom the day before, the ceiling would’ve have landed on my Dad and likely would’ve killed him. So there you go. Very long answer, but I was fascinated by it & quite moved by the bravery of the men that crashed the plane.

  3. I am not a fan of prosecco either I have to admit, but if I’m forced to have some on another occasion I will try to add a raspberry or whatever other type of fruit is available at the time! Also, loved the post.

  4. Excellent life lessons 😀
    I also find Prosecco to be disgusting.
    I live near Limoges, but I’m not sure which one lol!
    I also really loved the show Weeds.
    Great post.

  5. A girl so badly wanted to be in the Olympics that she tried multiple sports to get there. Sounds like a familiar story…perhaps one about a British ski jumper? I think they’ll be changing the rules after that one.

  6. Limoges, the town, is lovely- limoges, the pottery, even lovelier. On our last trip to Limoges, about 5 years ago, we fell in love with a dinner service that we had hoped to purchase at the end of our holiday & never did. This week I learnt that my local Indian restaurant has also visited Limoges & fell in love with the same dinner plates…..!!
    Crunchy spread sounds yummy- will definitely need to check that out! 😊

  7. Nutella filled donuts sound horrible, life is too short to drink prosecco if you don’t like it – even with a raspberry, and I’m googling Cadbury crunchy chocolate spread to see where I can buy it. Note: It is $10.25 on Amazon and qualifies for Prime.

  8. I’m genuinely impressed by the liquid eyeliner one – I can’t apply it standing still, let alone on a train! Eeks!!

    Also, Weeds is AMAZING. I first watched it when it was airing and have since watched it through many more times. I love it. 😀

  9. Lovely writing—it brings a smile to my face. My week is a vaca week of glorious snow in Verbier, including an aperol sprits at the top of Mt. Fort. back to the writing on Sunday.

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