Why I’m Stepping Away From #SundayBlogShare

‘You fighting with people on Twitter again I see.’

My bloggy friend sent me a message on Facebook. It’s nothing new – she’s seen me go through this numerous times in recent months…

In Nov 2014 I decided to start a sharing link-up on Twitter for bloggers. It wasn’t an original idea – I’d been participating in #MondayBlogs run by @RachelintheOC (who was and has always been incredibly supportive) for a while and adopted a similar idea, but on a Sunday instead. After searching through different hashtags I decided upon the name #SundayBlogShare as this was something that hadn’t been used before. The invitation was open for any blogger to tweet out their blog links using the hashtag, and then I would retweet them, hopefully encouraging others to do the same. I created a set of easy-to-follow instructions, which was essentially keep it to blog posts only, no etsy, Amazon, inspirational quotes etc and if you’re sharing a link then retweet and interact with others.

Within a few months it was a regularly trending topic. I remember how excited I was on that very first Sunday that it trended – my little hashtag was popular enough that it appeared in the top ten biggest topics in the UK for a time on that day and I couldn’t have been more proud.

Over the last three-and-a-half years I’ve pretty much given up most of my Sundays to run the hashtag, retweeting and interacting with hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of people every week. It’s grown beyond all expectation and is been a massive roller coaster of highs and lows. On occasions, it’s been the No. 1 biggest trending hashtag on Twitter. It hasn’t just been a trending hashtag in the UK either – it’s appeared in numerous other countries trending topics too – and as a result I’ve been introduced to endless blogs from all over the world that I wouldn’t have perhaps read otherwise.

But, as with the good always comes the bad, and it hasn’t always been a positive experience. There’s been the porn, the disgusting messages, the spam, the religious quotes, the pictures of people’s breakfasts and the Spotify links. There’s the complaints if I haven’t retweeted something, or complaints about others link-dropping something. There’s the people who tag me in on every single tweet they post, yet never follow my account or reciprocate with anyone else, and the people who tag my personal account in every tweet they send out during the week as if I’m their personal retweet assistant. Theres the people who tell me to f*ck off and get abusive when I ask them to stop spamming or tagging me in irrelevant stuff. There’s even the people who I no longer speak to who still use the hashtag and have the nerve to tag me as if they still expect me to help promote them. There are so many people who now just leave a link and don’t bother to interact with anyone else… The sense of community has completely nose-dived.

And then, there’s the cheeky so-and-sos who have brazenly been using the hashtag as their own to promote their own personal retweet and follow threads. Some of them have even pre-empted my annoyance by blocking me in advance so I don’t see what they’re up to.

It shouldn’t bother me, but it does. I’ve been told numerous times to let them get on with it, but I’ve always fought it because it means something to me – why should someone be able to piggyback off it and get away with it?

Yesterday was the final straw. For the fourth time this year I saw someone using the hashtag as a personal RT and follow thread, and so I tweeted her asking her to stop. Her response was to simply block me, which indicated that she was already aware of what she was doing. There seems to be a pattern with this, particularly with newbies – block, deny all knowledge and then feign upset when others point out the origins of it and yesterday’s cheeky so-and-so was no different. The level of butthurt was strong in this one. In fact, of the four this year there was only one who had an immediately classy response when I tweeted her, and as a result I now share her posts.

It’s only a hashtag. Of course, in the grand scheme of horrible things that are currently going on in the world, it’s nothing. It’s less than nothing, completely insignificant. But to me it has represented years of hard work and countless hours spent trying to provide opportunities for bloggers to expand their audience. And for most of those who claim that they didn’t know that it already existed, I call bullsh*t – it’s the biggest blogging hashtag of the weekend on Twitter in the UK.

But, I’m tired of the battle. I’m tired of running something that requires constant fighting. The instructions are posted every week and yet many don’t bother to read them and they certainly don’t bother to share them. It’s now taken on a life of its own and I don’t want to be spending my Sundays arguing with others and defending something that I’ve worked so hard on, especially as I’m completely losing. As the same bloggy friend pointed out, it has become like a bad marriage – I stick with it because I’ve been doing it for so long – and it’s making me feel silly and wasting my time.

So, I’m going to step away from it, and actually get back to enjoying Sundays and Twitter again. I will provide the space for a RT thread on my own personal Twitter that my followers can use if they want to but I won’t be spending my time getting up early, stressing and retweeting anymore. I have lots of exciting things to look forward to, including the Bloggers Bash in May… Enough is enough.

Thanks to all of you over the years who have supported and helped to build it, and thank you to those who have participated in it every week…

190 thoughts on “Why I’m Stepping Away From #SundayBlogShare

  1. What a shame!

    But to be fair, I didn’t realise you gave up soooo much of your time on Sundays to twitter. I hope this gives you a well deserved break and more time to relax and have brunch with your bloke. 😉

  2. Great decision, Suzie. Sometimes being creative is too hard. Hope you feel better about this whole issue soon. Meanwhile, enjoy your Sundays! I hope you discover something nice to do.

  3. Well good for you my love. It’s incredibly hard to walk away from a baby and I wholeheartedly understand a) why you’ve fought so hard and b) why you’ve decided to let it go. Both are incredibly brave and authentic decisions, for which I applaud you. I also wish to thank you, not just for #SundayBlogShare and all your tireless work in trying to help those of us who appreciate your efforts, but also because your decision echoes one I am struggling to make for myself and your bravery is giving me courage. Sue x

  4. What a shame, Suzie. I can totally understand why you get so upset over it, after all, you were the one that started it and nurtured it to become the huge success it is. It makes me cross as well that other people can be so rude and aggressive when they are in the wrong! I am sorry that you have had to step away from it, but happy for you that you have your Sundays back!

  5. Oh my goodness I am so sorry to hear this Suzie. It’s appalling, I totally understand why you must step back from this. Like you I’m looking forward to the Bash. Keep your spirits up, there are a lot of nice people out there to share good times and positivity with. Xxx

  6. I’m fairly new to SundayBlogShare and it has been brilliant for me as a new blogger. But I totally get why you’re stepping back from it. I guess most people, like me, had no idea of the daily and weekly battles you faced running this Twitter hashtag. I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve done. And make sure you remain proud of what you’ve achieved. You’re an inspiration in the blogging world, Suzie. So thank you xx

  7. Oh Suzie, this must have been a tough decision for you… the right one though I think. I’ve been away from the blogging world for so long, away from social media too… so when I shared your blog using the # on Sunday I had no idea about the issues you’ve been having. I shan’t use the # again, out of principle, but also because, without you it won’t feel the same. I wish you lots of peaceful, stress free Sundays. Much love, Kimmie x

  8. My bad, late to see this Susie and I hear you. We’ve discussed this on a previous occasion and it can cause a mixed bag of emotions from anger to sitting in a corner crying in frustration. Twitter is what it is. The community you’ve built of Facebook is way superior. Granted there will always be be or two that grumble, but that’s people for you. I for one am incredibly grateful for everything you’ve done and all the support you’ve given me (long may that continue lol). I think you do need to reclaim weekends now too, the community will take on sharing days as always, still aim it at BUYB too. I never really expect you to RT everything I throw there either. The group memebers should really do that way more often…me included. I do that in another Twitter zone and engaging that way does up the RT’s. All you need to do is follow the rules…share FOUR not everybody that shunts it at your Twitter hashtag…. just saying lol

    Now onwards and upwards. I support your decision…just saying x

      • You’re welcome Susie, and no need to thank either. I appreciate the hard work and time you put in telling me off for doing it wrong 🙂

        I reckon it can almost run itself now mind; just needs the initial post to kick it off and most of those can be scheduled and recycled. Put your feet up and enjoy it instead of all that angst and turmoil. Of course they do say mimicry is actually a form of flattery too #positivespin

      • I like that – I was getting too caught up and frustrated at the bloggers that had been stealing it. It didn’t stop them from doing the same last Sunday but as i had walked away it wasn’t anything to do with me anymore…

      • Best way to deal with it, step back and let it roll without winding yourself up. The fact that others are jumping in just demonstrates how successful you made the hashtag. Like I said that’s definitely a positive….if you look at it the right way. I think sometimes we can get so wrapped into something even small things get irksome. Enjoy the freedom and onto the next big idea says I…

  9. So sorry to hear that people can be down-right rude and that you’ve had to put up with this for so long. I had no idea. Keep your chin up and move on to better things.

  10. Sad news that you have to give up something you enjoy so much but I think Twitter has changed a lot recently. It doesn’t seem to have the same sense of community that it’s had over the past few years. It just seems to be becoming a ‘look at me’ centre now. Shame.

  11. I’m sorry it’s been like that, but I can’t help laughing at your list of annoying tweets including porn, religious quotes, and pictures of breakfasts. The funniest part is that they’d annoy the hell out of me too.

    Enjoy your weekends knowing that Sunday’s yours again.

    • Thanks Ellen! I should have included the pictures of people’s pets, pictures of people sitting in front of buildings looking all wistful to try and show how ‘inspirational’ they are, new music artists sharing their new album covers… It’s a whole plethora of stuff haha!

  12. It sounds to me like you’re doing exactly the right thing (no matter how hard) in walking away from this now. Like your wise friend has said, it has become a bit toxic and frankly, who needs that in their lives?! I think this will free you up for something new, something better 😀 Best of luck and thanks for the platform Suzie x

    • I don’t know how Rachel deals with hassle on that level with the 10k people taking part in #MondayBlogs… Patience of a saint! Thanks so much for all the support Carol and for participating!

  13. I’m very new to this hash tag and didn’t realise how much it involved on your part. I don’t blame you for stepping away although it must be hard because it’s something you’ve obviously but a huge amount of time and effort into. I hope you enjoy your Sundays again.

  14. Just to say thanks so much for all the RTs and for setting up the idea in the first place. I’m so sorry you’ve had to put up with such bad behaviour from those who’ve abused it or been ungrateful.

  15. I see your point Suzie and support you a thousand percent. After that story of what goes on behind the hashtag, I don’t think I’d ever start one! Although nobody knows going in if the tag will take off and most don’t come close to yours. Good luck and enjoy your freedom :))

  16. Suzie, I’m so sorry I didn’t realize this was going on behind the scenes, although I’ve picked up bits and pieces along the way. It’s also seems like a work-family/partner balance thing and that balance also got out of whack. However, I would hate you you to move on without remembering the good and not just how it trended, but also how you created a community and brought people together at a time when our world desperate needs connections and I don’t believe they’re happening like they used to. However, you can only be Atlas for so long and when people abuse your trust in such devious, sneaky ways, I can understand your response.
    Anyway, a HUGE thank you from me all the way from Australia and enjoy your Sundays with the bloke and whatever else you feel like doing.
    xx Rowena

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  19. Thanks for all of your unseen hard work,I don’t know why people have to be so hateful,spiteful & nasty when someone’s doing them a favour. At least now you can put your feet up on a sunday & drink tea instead of dealing with grief & hassle.

  20. I am really sorry you have had that experience, I think that’s why I have stayed away largely from most # games, but that being said, I wish you the best of luck on your blogging journey. You most definitely have a new reader. ❤

  21. I have been out of the blog writing/share loop for a little while so just reading this. So sorry it ended up being kind of full of jerks, spammers are one thing but I can totally see why the people knowingly using it to promote their follow trains would be super annoying, ugh! And the personal harassment is not on either. Whay are some people such twats online? :-0 You did a good thing for a while, be proud, Maybe if it becomes less popular now it will get back to being what you intended it to on its own, you never know! Completely understandable that you don’t want to take the time any more, you did a great job for a long time! All the best xo

    • Yeah, i’ve sort of realised that doing favours and nice things doesn’t really work that well in the blogging world sometimes… Still, I’ve met some nice people along the way!

  22. So sorry about the abuse (and reabuse) of the Sunday Blog Share. When I had a personal blog it was my favorite day of the week, I got to interact with so many amazing people, but I cannot even imagine dealing with the endless complaints and issues that come with that. Enjoy taking for Sundays back! You deserve it! Emily (previously The Corner Office blog)

  23. So sorry to hear that you had to go through so much. I did, however, always used to wonder that it must be a really exhausting task, for everyone who run such hashtags, but I never really thought that people get abusive as well. I’ve been participating in #sundayblogshare for a while now and have met so many amazing people, and though I miss the hashtag get-together, I’m glad you chose what’s good for you. 🙂

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