A Glorious Day and a Wasted Journey

It was the hottest day of the year on Thursday and the sun finally made an appearance after what seemed like the longest and most depressing winter ever. It was so nice to see a blue sky. Everyone was in the park, the people daft enough to buy convertibles were driving around with the tops down and the music blasting (basically because it’s one of about 5 days a year that they can actually do that here in the UK), and every man in sight was walking around without a top on for exactly the same reasons. Before the evening had even started there was a smell of barbecue in the air as everyone decided to burn some meat outside, just because they could, and I could hear an ice-cream truck on the next road up.

I, however, was affected by utter moron-itis.

I’ve been having an ongoing issue since Christmas with a dull pain in my side. I’ve been sent for a kidney ultrasound, which came back clear and then went back to the doctors a while ago because the pain still hasn’t gone away. I was given another appointment for a stomach and gall bladder ultrasound (I actually think it’s my gall bladder based on the symptoms I’ve been having) which was scheduled for today.

Now, I’d already made plans for the afternoon and so rescheduled everything to accommodate the appointment, which inconvenienced several people, and had to then move some stuff for the following morning as I thought I would be at the hospital. I was instructed not to eat for 6 hours beforehand, so I didn’t eat since breakfast, I got myself ready in plenty of time and then set off in a taxi (I don’t drive).

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the hospital I realised something.

I was at the wrong bloody hospital.

For some unknown reason, my appointment was at a hospital miles away and being a moron I hadn’t read the letter I received properly, assuming that it would be at the same place that every other appointment had been at.

But no. It wasn’t. I had to ask the driver to turn around and take me home (which he was lovely about) and by the time I got back I had to reschedule my appointment, wasted almost an hour because we got caught in rush hour, spent money on travel and completely inconvenienced a whole bunch of people.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done something completely stupid over recent years. Once when going to my mum’s house I got on the wrong train and ended up over an hour out of the way before I realised. I’ve booked train tickets in the wrong direction when going to London. I’ve applied for an ESTA when visiting the US on the wrong site… It’s infuriating.

Still, it was nice to see the sun again!

What about you guys? Have you suffered from moron-itis recently?

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51 thoughts on “A Glorious Day and a Wasted Journey

  1. i’ve done things like this many times, and each time it is equally frustrating. i know how that feels for sure. i hope that your tests went well in the end –

  2. Ooooo dear. Hope you’ve had a better time since. It’s just one of those things.
    And I’ve got similar but it’s called Baby Brain.
    Hope to see you down this way at some point. Just head downwards – you can’t miss it! 😂 xx

  3. I went for that same scan a few weeks ago. I had to get the tram though and walk miles because someone who shall remain nameless and it wasn’t me, had put petrol in our diesel car for the third flaming time. If I’d been you I would have been the most upset at going without food for six hours and having to have scabby toast for breakfast instead of the usual cereal and milk only to have to do that again at a later date. Sorry you wasted the best day this year weather-wise though, that must be really annoying too.

      • Yes thanks. Well I say yes in that they didn’t find anything wrong but that doesn’t really resolve the cause of the pain which seems to have gone now anyway. Hopefully your scan will put your concerns at ease too.

  4. Sorry to hear about the pain you are suffering, hope it’s something that can be quickly remedied…as for moron-itis, I think we all suffer from it at certain times, like the large presentation I was part of, and the MC suddenly asked me to pick a number from one to ten. I blurted out: “thirteen”. Cue the laughter…

  5. I have learned that moron-itis is unpredictable. It can appear at any time. When it does, and it is all on me, I cuss myself out with verbally abusive U.S. Marine profanity and then get on with my day. After I beret myself, I wonder if any of my neighbors heard me since this usually happens when I’m outside in the yard or in the garage with an open door working on a home project. That’s why I make sure to use my first name in that profanity so no one will think I’m directing it at them.

    “Lloyd, you are a (“F”ing word goes here) idiot”.

    That is just an edited example but not as harsh as the real words that burst from my mouth. This is how my daughter learned Marine Corps profanity and I got in trouble with her mother/my wife when daughter started using the same language at the age of six. She’s twenty-five now and still remembers how to spew that vulgarity that she learned from me when I was beating myself up verbally for an incident of moron-itis but she doesn’t direct that profanity at herself … I think.

      • I also got in trouble by mom/wife because that six-year-old daughter learned to spit by watching me do it. Then she was spitting all over the place until her mother stepped in to stop her (when mom was watching).

  6. What happened to you was something called “smatek” in Czech. That means something annoying goes wrong but no permanent damage. But it was a nice day! I have smatek all the time!

  7. Oh, often! Thankfully, though, I am at home most of the time so I get saved a lot of humiliation. These days, maybe because of age or whatever, I have become forgetful. Just yesterday, I was about to dispose of a bowlful of milk down the drain thinking it to be water, and the knife in the trash can, along with the vegetable waste. Little things, really, but I do get the heebie-jeebies just thinking what if it gets worse!
    *No, it won’t!

  8. LOL! All the time 🙂 I’ve twice shown up at a theatre without my ticket and once gone to the wrong theatre, I routinely drive right by the highway exit I’m meant to take because I’m talking. I missed a day trip out of Dublin once because I got the time wrong. On the 5 hour drive from Montreal to Toronto, I’ve somehow ended up in Ottawa — twice 🙂
    Moron-itis gets us all 🙂

  9. More times than I can count. Like thinking it was okay to take coffee on the plane this weekend when the pilot had just announced turbulence. With a new white shirt on. Ugh. I hope you find out soon what ails you!

  10. It’s because we have so much going on in our lives. Our brains are sooooooooo busy they can’t always keep up with our movements. At least that is what I like to tell myself, anyway. It’s not forgetfulness. It’s just the opposite – too much memory! 🙂 As for some instances of moron-itis: There was the time I was frantically searching for my cell phone. Where could it be?! Ummmm, it was in my hand, pressed against my ear, because I was talking on the dang thing! Then there was the other night. I stopped at the local pizza take-out establishment. One where they always have large, pepperoni pizzas, hot and ready all day for $5. Only this time it was $8.40 and I had to wait on it. Why? Because I went to the wrong pizza place!

    • “There was the time I was frantically searching for my cell phone. Where could it be?! Ummmm, it was in my hand, pressed against my ear, because I was talking on the dang thing!”

      You are not alone in this information-memory overload world we now live in.

      That thing with the cell phone happened to me yesterday.

      I’ve been thinking that regardless of the good that came with the internet, we were better off without it.

      • There are many times when I feel the same way as you regarding cell phones and the internet. Oh, and video games, too!

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